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Mischa Morgera* Construction Project Coordinator/Inspector Facilities Planning & Construction

Carl Lane

Law Enforcement Officer

University Police

*Moved from temporary to a regular position.


domingoOfficer Charlotte Domingo, University Police, has been promoted to Lieutenant and will hold a key leadership position on the Command Staff, overseeing the following support services: PIO; Accreditation; Records; Crime Prevention/RAD (Rape Aggression Defense); Logistics; Evidence/Property.


Charlotte began her career at USF in 1987 as a security officer. In 1990, she was appointed to the position of Law Enforcement Officer. Since that time, Charlotte has served the department in an exemplary manner as a patrol practitioner as well as a corporal. Promoted to sergeant in 1996, Charlotte served as a patrol squad sergeant until she was transferred to Crime Prevention in 2003.


Charlotte is a Certified Crime Prevention Practitioner and led the agency's crime prevention program for years. She is also a senior RAD instructor and has led that important program on the USF Tampa campus for many years. Moreover, she was the agency's founding Accreditation Manager and will again assume that vital role. Charlotte holds a bachelor's degree and is a graduate of the FDLE Florida Leadership Academy.


Charlotte will begin her new duties on January 20th. Please join us in congratulating Lt. Domingo on her well-deserved promotion!



danDan Newfang, Industrial Hygiene Officer, Environmental Health & Safety, took to the skies to get married on New Year's Eve 2011. Dan met Sandy, his future wife, about four years ago at the annual Cessna 150/152 Foundation's "Fly In," held in Clinton, Iowa. They met and became friends who shared a mutual love for flying.

The rest is history as they say and what better way for these two experienced pilots to share their passion for all things aviation than to tie the knot up in the skies above Wesley Chapel. To read more about Dan and Sandy's mile high wedding, check out the article that made the front page of the New Tampa & Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News.


Please join us in congratulating Dan and Sandy on their marriage. May they share many years of happiness up in the wild blue yonder!



The lecture halls in the new Interdisciplinary Science & Research Teaching Facility (ISA) recently earned rave reviews – a solid "A" - from Ashok Upadhyaya, Biology Instructor in the College of Arts & Sciences' Department of Cell, Molecular & Micro Biology. In noting the large lecture halls on the first floor of ISA have become his favorite classrooms in which he teaches, Ashok stated:


"The open space, numerous criss-crossing aisles, and wide rows make animated lecturing and test-administration substantially easier than other halls such as CPR 103 or CHE 100/111. The size-sensitive seating is also a nice touch, firmly establishing these as 21st-century classrooms. And, I cannot overstate the value of being able to simultaneously use the marker board and projection screen to more effectively deliver complex content or demonstrate problem-solving for students."


This is another example of how Administrative Services is playing a major role in USF's commitment to Student Success. Thanks again to the Facilities Management team for their great work on the ISA building.