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Patricia Burke* Staff Assistant University Police
Jill Spencer Manager of Project Management Human Resources

*Moved from temporary to a regular position.


Paula Darby, Physical Plant, has been promoted to Sr. Custodial Worker. She joined the USF family in September 2010 on a temporary position line. In October 2011, Paula obtained regular status as a Custodial Worker. This February, she was promoted to Sr. Custodial Worker.


Please join us in congratulating Paula on her promotion!


Sun DomeIf you've driven past the USF Sun Dome recently, you can't help but notice the amount of construction activity taking place in and around the area. The $36 million dollar project will completely transform the 10,000 seat arena and is on track for construction to be substantially completed by April 15th. We are expecting to resume full operation in May with this year's spring commencement being the first official event to be held in the newly renovated facility.

The entire facility is being transformed from floor to roof. Follow this link to see updated images of the construction progress.


IT'S A GIRL!baby

Congratulations to Chaddy Hanwisai, Project Manager, Facilities Planning & Construction. She is the proud parent of a little girl, Patnaree Chomtid, born Wednesday, February 1st. Patnaree weighed 6 lbs. 10 oz. and measured 19" long.





Facilities Planning & Construction (FPC) and Physical Plant's Facilities Enhancement (FE) collaborated on turning shelled space on the 7th floor of the Interdisciplinary Science and Research Teaching Facility (ISA) into a showcase for the USF Campus.

The transformed space will be used by Undergraduate Admissions as part of their campus tour experience. The space has spectacular views that showcase our beautiful campus and definitely make you say "wow!" Every year over 28,000 people will pass through this space. It now serves as one of the first impressions prospective students, parents and family members have of our university.


The space features large graphics, interactive video screens, vibrant colors, and modern furnishings that will appeal to this audience. For a look at this fantastic space, be sure to view these images provided courtesy of Skanska/Macbeth Photography, Jim Hobart.


Congratulations to the team who worked so hard to make this space an extraordinary experience for prospective students and their families: Doug Mann, ISA Project Manager (FPC); Elizabeth Clifford, Project Manager (FPC); Michael Ballester, Project Manager, FE; and Sarah Baynard, Project Manager (FE).



A Student Government funded entity, USF S.A.F.E. (Safe and Free Escort) Team operations and hiring actions are directed by the USF Police Department. This collaboration between students and the police is a great fit for the university community.
In additional to their role in providing escorts both via cart and on foot, the S.A.F.E. Team acts as extra eyes and ears for the police officers. USF Police Officers and Supervisors not only converse with the S.A.F.E Team members when they see each other on campus, but meet regularly with the members to discuss matters of safety and to further solidify the partnership.


This partnership paid off during the recent Presidential debate when several members of the S.A.F.E. Team reported that a demonstrator indicated he had a razor blade or knife and was going to attempt to cut the support straps holding up the tent where the watch party was being held. This possible tragedy was adverted due to this partnership. Other recent reports from S.A.F.E. Team members resulted in follow-up and arrests during the Night Shift supervised by Law Enforcement Officers, Sgt. Christine Bennett and Cpl.Chad Hill.


Way to go S.A.F.E. Team!



The NBC News Republican Presidential Primary Debate, held at USF on January 23, went off successfully, thanks in great part to the careful planning, preparation and excellent work by our Police and Physical Plant departments.


Physical Plant employees made noticeable improvements to the landscaping, grounds and buildings in and around the College of the Arts and areas of campus that were used for the debate. The morning after the event, the area was so clean it was hard to believe an event of such magnitude had occurred hours before. Furthermore, now that NBC is gone, our students, faculty and staff have the great pleasure of enjoying the facility improvements which contribute to enhancing overall student success.


University Police provided dignitary protection for the four presidential candidates, controlled access to the areas secured for the debate and maintained order with the thousands who had gathered on the streets and areas near the debate site. Through their efforts, protestors and other potential disruptions were successfully controlled, which ensured a safe evening for event participants, the presidential candidates and the scores of media who reported on the debates.


Congratulations, again, to these two departments for their unrelenting efforts to make the national event a successful one!



Thank you to all who wore red on Friday, February 3rd, to show their support for a great cause. Heart disease is still the #1 killer of women, taking the lives of 1 in 3 women every year.


Many students, faculty and staff paused for a moment on Friday to show their support by gathering around the USF Seal in the Marshall Student Center. This awesome image says it all - it's a powerful reminder of how the USF community comes together to support an important cause.


USF is one of the fundraising leaders in the American Heart Association's Tampa Bay Heart Walk, raising $40,500 last year for valuable heart disease research and community education. The university is committed to raising awareness of this leading cause of death for women.


To learn more about the warning signs for women and how they differ from those for men, visit the American Heart Association's website.