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Stacy Eyer Benefits Representative Human Resources
Cynthia O'Brien Associate Director Human Resources




Hurricane Season June 1 - November 30
USF Night at the Rays August 3, 7:10 p.m.
USF System Summer Commencement August 10
Fall 2013 Week of Welcome August 21 - 31
Fall Semester Begins August 26




Department Name Years
Environmental Health & Safety Greg Lewis 15
Facilities Planning Robert Gonzalez 18
Human Resources Carol Sands 29
  Patricia Geisler 13
  Michael Miller 6
  Claudine Fleary 2
Physical Plant Sonia Jackson 23
  Gerard Bair 17
  Kenneth Sleek 16
  James Gillilan 15
  Peter Diaz 13
  Ernest McNeal 13
  John Courtney 8
  Julia Cummings 8
  Ronnie Jefferson 7
  Charles Hamilton 5
  Kenny  Perez 4
  Falicia Royal 4
  Erickson Amida 3
  Britney McClendon 1
  Edward Narvid 1
  Priscilla Stevens 1



ChallengeThe USF Police Department is proud to announce its success in the annual Florida Law Enforcement Challenge Awards held in Orlando on July 19th. The department received the following awards: 1st Place, Law Enforcement Challenge (University Category) and 2nd Place, DUI Challenge (All agencies with 25-40 officers). USF Police Chief Tom Longo stated: "The Challenge recognizes excellence in traffic safety, which is the right focus for our community. I'm very pleased with the dedication and professionalism of our officers in keeping our campus and surroundings safe."

Please join us in congratulating the USF Police Department on this outstanding accomplishment.


LutzUSF Police Corporal Ed Lutz was presented with the USF Police Department Meritorious Award on July 15th. The Meritorious Lifesaving Award is given to recognize an act of quick and knowledgeable responsiveness and valiant effort in attempting to sustain or revive a life. In December 2012, Corporal Lutz responded to a call pertaining to a female who was found not breathing in the lobby of the USF ROTC building. He arrived on scene within 16 seconds of the call and began attempts to revive her. Using CPR and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), Corporal Lutz and Tampa Fire Rescue, who arrived soon afterward, were able to successfully deliver rescue breaths. The patient was transported to a hospital and was stabilized.

Please join us in thanking Corporal Lutz for his quick responsiveness and dedication to saving lives.


The outstanding work of Administrative Services' employees continues to make a difference for USF's students, faculty and staff. Major renovations and smaller improvements that freshen and bring new life into a space are noticed and appreciated by the USF community.

In December 2012, major renovations were made to the lobby and waiting room of University Scholarships & Financial Aid Services which is located in the Student Services building. Recently, new carpet was also installed in the back office area. Billie Jo Hamilton, Director, writes: "I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for all of the new improvements we are now enjoying in my office. It is amazing how staff respond to new carpet! I also wanted to say how great Michael (Ballester – Physical Plant), Elizabeth (Clifford – Facilities Planning & Construction) and Karla (Willman – Administrative Services) are to work with. They have gone out of their way to make sure everything went as smooth as possible and responded promptly when I had a question or concern."

SCAA fresh coat of paint, a colorful piece of art, freshly polished floors and a few new ceiling tiles turned the lobby area of the Science Center into a more welcoming space for students, faculty & staff. New landscaping added a "welcoming" feel to the entrance. Dean Martin, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry, writes: "I'm not sure who to thank, but there is a beautiful artwork (a mural) that appeared recently on the south wall of the lounge area of the second floor of the Science Center where a lot of students and some parents spend time waiting to see an advisor. It really bespeaks a class operation and someone in Physical Plant deserves thanks."

Note: Physical Plant Special Teams led by Andy Nogueira, Project Manager, and Physical Plant Grounds Detail Crew led by Kim Tomkinson, Assistant Manager, were responsible for the improvements.


Reminder: If you are considering utilizing the program for the Fall 2013 session, ETP request forms must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. Thursday, August 29, 2013. Request forms are available here for download. Submit completed forms to
Suzy Siegmann
via email at ssiegmann@usf.edu, fax to 813.974.5227, or drop off at
the Human Resources Office in SVC 2172.


Consider this statistic: 80 out of every 100 accidents are the fault of the person involved in the incident. Unsafe acts cause four times as many accidents and injuries as unsafe conditions. Accidents occur for many reasons. People look for "things" to blame when an accident happens, because it's easier than looking for "root" causes.


Listed here are Seven Common Accident Causes: Taking Shortcuts, Being Over-Confident, Starting a Task with Incomplete Instructions, Poor Housekeeping, Ignoring Safety Procedures, Mental Distractions from Work, and Failure to Pre-Plan the Work. Have you been guilty of any of these attitudes or behaviors? If so, you may not have been injured – but next time you may not be so lucky. Avoiding these seven common causes will contribute to a safer workplace for you and your colleagues!




SymbolThe Go Bulls" Hand Symbol originated as a good luck sign for free-throw shots during basketball games, but over the years has evolved into a greeting between fellow Bulls and an all-purpose symbol of Bull pride. To make the hand symbol, use your thumb to fold your two middle fingers into your palm; then extend your pinky and index finger to make bull horns.

It doesn't take long to get the hang of it. Go Bulls!




The 6th Annual USF Night at the Rays takes place Saturday, August 3, at 7:10 p.m. Come out in support of our hometown team and join fellow USF employees, students and alumni as the Tampa Bay Rays take on the San Francisco Giants. For more information, visit this website.