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Lonnie Austin High Voltage Electrician Physical Plant - Utilities
David Weeks Police Communications Specialist University Police




Bulls Walk & Bike Week September 9 - 13
Celebration at The Beach at Castor September 12, 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Third Annual Technology Fair September 19, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Marshall Student Center
Fall Family Weekend September 27 - 29
Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 1 - 31
2013 Faculty & Staff Tailgate Event October 5, Raymond James Stadium
Fire Prevention Week 2013 October 6 - 12




RichRichard McKiver, Master Officer, University Police (UP), is retiring effective September 13, 2013, after 25 years of service at USF. Over his career, Richard attained the rank of Master Officer, an accomplishment only a few officers in the history of the USF Police Department have achieved. He has spent the last few years working in the USF Health area on the west side of campus where he has put all of his crime prevention and bicycle patrol skills to good use, ensuring a safer environment for students, faculty and staff.


In his early years at the University, Richard worked in the Residence Halls as the Residence Hall Liaison Officer and developed an excellent bond and working relationship with everyone in that area. An International Police Mountain Bike Association certified bicycle officer for the UP, Richard often rode his police bicycle to enforce pedestrian and bicycle laws on campus. He was also one of the department's Crime Prevention Practitioners. In this role, Richard conducted many crime prevention orientations and classes throughout campus. One of his favorite orientations involved meeting with various departments during lunch in their office conference rooms and discussing crime prevention issues with them. Richard was also an active instructor for the UP's Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) classes for women.


A valuable asset to USF for 25 years, the knowledge, skills and dedication that Richard provided to the UP and the University community will be greatly missed. It will be difficult to find someone that can fill his shoes. Please join us in wishing Richard all the best in his retirement!




Department Name Years
Administrative Services Brooke Deen 7
Human Resources Donna Pepper 10
  Beverlyn Samuels 6
Physical Plant Marvin Grier 22
  Timothy Budzban 21
  Elton Hill 10
  Maria Pino 9
  Carmen Bonilla 9
  Ronald Davis 6
  Theresa Patterson 6
  Joseph Balloon 2
University Police Robert Finch 24
  Rick Warnell 7
  Corey O'Berry 3


Administrative Services employees continue to shine when serving the USF Tampa community.

Shirley Turner, Receptionist, Human Resources, was recently recognized for her outstanding customer service by Nancy Lin, Fiscal & Business Analyst, USF Eye Institute. In a letter to Terri Drye, Associate Vice President, Human Resources, Nancy wrote, "It is my pleasure to recommend your good employee, Shirley Turner, a veteran receptionist at HR. I just came back from your office. I don't want to forget again and miss this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed seeing her, always smiling and enthusiastic in serving people. Front desk services are important to present the image for the office. People can deny the quality of an office due to the poor services experienced with the desk receptionist. I have been working at USF long enough (over 20 years) to say that Shirley has added the value to HR as a group. She deserves my good comments through my personal contacts with her, either step-in or phone calls. Please share my feedback with her for people doing a good job need a "way to go" cheer. "

Florencio Molina, Custodial Worker, Physical Plant, has been recognized by Dr. James D'Emilio, Associate Professor of Humanities, College of Arts & Sciences. In an email to the Cooper Hall Building Supervisor, Dr. D'Emilio wrote, "Florencio was an outstanding custodian on the night shift who was in Cooper from late spring 2012 through, at least, early 2013. He had assignments in various buildings (including the library) and I believe he told me in spring 2013 that he was reassigned out of Cooper altogether. Florencio brought a remarkable sense of professionalism to his job -- we often chatted briefly, and he was always thinking about things to help keep the building clean and make the work routine more effective: where receptacles of different kinds could be, where larger ones could be, what students should leave behind -- or not -- in a classroom, when bathrooms needed to be cleaned and pails emptied. He was thorough and diligent beyond the strict call of duty in basic things - a real no-nonsense worker."

Glen Aleo, Assistant Manager, Building & Maintenance, Physical Plant, has been recognized by Dr. Catherine Alvarez, Adjunct World Religions Instructor, College of Arts & Sciences, for his support over an extended period of time. In a letter to Hollie Chancey, Manager, Building & Maintenance, Physical Plant, Dr. Alvarez wrote, "I am reminded each semester what a valuable help Glen has been, so I want to thank you for the overall help that your department gives to professors like me and for the exceptional people like Glen that you have on staff. One thing I use each semester is a lectern. They are heavy and hard for me to carry, but Glen is kind enough to transport it for me each semester as I migrate from classroom to classroom. He even labeled it for me. I really appreciate the help Glen extends each semester. The behind-the-scenes people usually do not get the credit and thank they deserve, but these type of extras that aid us in the classroom help to make teaching a better experience for us as well as our students. Thank you for that."


InviteYou won't want to miss the celebration at the Beach at Castor from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 12th.

For more details about this fun event, visit this website to view the official invitation.




The USF Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) has received support from the Florida Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Office to conduct the second annual USF Bulls Walk and Bike Week educational campaign. The week-long campaign will take place across the USF Tampa campus September 9 – 13, promoting awareness of pedestrian and bicycle safety. For scheduled events for the week, visit this webpage.


Walk WISE, Bike SMART, and Drive CAREFULLY are the messages being delivered during Bulls Walk and Bike Week. Here are some great safety tips:


Walk WISE – Be alert, Use Crosswalks, Be Safe & Be Seen, Expect the Unexpected, Walk against Traffic on Sidewalks.

Bike SMART – Use Bicycle Lights, Yield to Pedestrians, Wear a Bicycle Helmet, Ride with the Flow of Traffic, Ride Predictably & Be Visible.


Drive CAREFULLY – Give Bicyclists 3 feet, Stop for Pedestrians, Stop Before Turning Right on Red, Don't Block Crosswalks, Avoid Distractions.





Tickets are now on sale for the 2013 Faculty & Staff Tailgate event on Saturday, Oct. 5, for the USF vs. Cincinnati football game! You and your family are invited to join your USF co-workers for a fun day of tailgating. The tailgate will include southern barbeque, cold beer and soda, and great music and entertainment for all ages. Tickets are $18 and include a wristband for the tailgate and entry to the USF Bulls vs. Cincinnati Bearcats football game.

Visit the Faculty & Staff Tailgate Website for more information. Join the event on Facebook to be registered for a chance to win a Tailgate Prize Pack!