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Arthur Elias Mail Clerk USF Post Office, Physical Plant
Willie Clark* Custodial Worker Physical Plant

*Moved from temporary to a regular position.



Administrative Services/Business & Finance Holiday Event December 19, 2 - 4 p.m., MSC Ballroom
Winter Break December 23 through January 1
First Day of Classes - Spring Semester January 6
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day January 20



Department Name Years
Environmental Health & Safety Edward Przybylko 13
  Aisha Lawrence 8
  Colette Nasworthy 1
Facilities Planning & Construction Mischa Morgera 2
Human Resources Nancy Torres-Nickerson 2
Physical Plant Silas Blanton 15
  Michelle Thurston 14
  Kathleen Lowery 14
  Lenroy Curling 9
  Jimmie Mosley 8
  Dwayne Callaway 8
  John Wilson 8
  Shirley Yamoah 6
  Marcell Smith 6
  Orlando Ware 6
  Deidre Boman 6
  Raymond Morris 4
  Jamie Fraley 3
  William James 2
  Clint Franklin 2
  Juan Lago 2
  Evan Fallon 2
  Juan Gomez 2
University Police Louis Greto 32
  Andrew Caffarelli 26
  Charlotte Domingo 26



Karen Turpin, University Postal Manager, USF Post Office, Physical Plant, is retiring effective January 1, 2014, after 37 years of service. She joined USF in June of 1976 as a mail clerk. In 1980, Karen was promoted to Assistant University Postal Manager, and in 1989 was promoted to her current position as University Postal Manager. We appreciate the years of dedication and service she has given to the University.


Please join us in wishing Karen much happiness in her retirement.



Professionalism, smiles, timeliness, and strong, helpful interactions with those requiring our assistance are customer service qualities we should all be striving for each day. The individuals listed below have been recognized by satisfied customers for the quality of service received and we are proud of the positive way in which they have represented their respective departments.


Ray Curbelo, Assistant Manager, Vehicle Repair Shop, Physical Plant, was recognized by the Anthropology Department In the comments section of a recent Survey Monkey submitted to Physical Plant. The survey responder wrote, "Since Ray Curbelo took over the Vehicle Repair Shop, it has been THE best run office/facility on campus. Prior to that it was the worst I've seen on campus in my 30 years here." Additionally, all responses submitted by the Anthropology Department were "Strongly Agree" and "Very Satisfied" for the service received at the Vehicle Repair Shop, Physical Plant.


Willie Jones, Custodial Worker (day shift) and the night shift Custodial Workers, Physical Plant, were recognized for their outstanding service at ISA. The night team members are Savio Magloire (team lead), ArmondoTapia, Rubin Gutierrez, Thomas McCarthy, Farbia Nazari, Paula Scott and Christian Grubb.


Carol Trent, Admissions Evaluator, Office of Admissions, wrote "I would like to compliment Mr. Willie Jones for his outstanding customer service. He brought our tables to us early (which was great), then he returned right on time to set them up later. He was extremely helpful and did a wonderful job. I just wanted to say thank you to Mr. Jones and your department. We also want to thank the custodial night crew for the ISA building. We left a huge mess behind after a large event. We want to thank them for their service as well. They went above and beyond!"


George Cua, Maintenance Technician, Physical Plant, has been acknowledged for the difference he has made at NEC, which houses Innovative Education/Continuing Education. Marisol Smith wrote, "As the weeks go by, the NEC staff has noticed a difference in the building. This would not have been accomplished without George's help. If staff noticed the difference, then our most important clients, our students, who are working professionals in the community, also noticed. They expect updated, clean facilities and the changes made by George definitely make the facilities more in line with their expectations."




PoliceOfficers from University Police recently participated in the Great American Teach-In at local schools. Depending on the age of the students, topics included law enforcement careers, preparation for a career in law enforcement, the dangers of drugs and alcohol, how to recognize a police officer, the tools that officers carry, gun safety, and Q&A sessions. This outreach is just one
of the many ways our police officers give back to the community.


Please join us in thanking these officers for their efforts in educating our local youth about law enforcement and safety:


Lt. Chris Daniel, Burns Middle School, 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades (300 children)
Sgt. Martin King, Collins Elementary School, 1st Grade (25 children)
Sgt. Bob Finch, Winthrop Charter School, 1st Grade (35-45 children)
Sgt. Todd Gregory, Colson Elementary, 3rd and 4th Grades (120 children)
Cpl. Darin Blevins, Trinity School for Children, 3rd and 4th Grades (54 children) and Woodbridge Elementary, Pre-K (12 children)
Ofc. Michael Tinney, Simmons Career Center (High School) and Shiloh Elementary School, 5 presentations

Ofc. Tracy Goodman, Pizzo Elementary School, Kindergarten (14 children) and two 2nd grade classes (32 children)

Ofc. Steven Beltran, Maniscalco Elementary, 20 students




seasonThe Holiday Season is a time to reflect on the successes of the past year, a time to be thankful, and a time to spend with family and friends. Although faced with many challenges in 2013, we steadily made strides towards our department goals and those of the university. I am especially proud of the tremendous impact we've had on student success. I want to thank each of you for your contributions to our success in 2013.


2014 is sure to bring new challenges and opportunities. I am optimistic about the New Year and believe we again have the potential to be even stronger and more successful, as we have shown in the past that we have the ability to rise and meet the toughest challenges. Together we can continue to impact the university in so many ways and make a positive difference for our faculty, staff, students and visitors to campus.


On behalf of all of us in Administrative Services, I wish you and your families a safe, relaxing, and very joyful holiday season!


Sandy Lovins

Vice President, Administrative Services


Sheila Holbrook

Karla Willman

Wayne Espinola

Brooke Deen

Keysha Williams