Helpful Tornado Information, Be Prepared

Because a tornado is part of a severe convective storm, tornadoes are not limited to any specific geographic location. In fact, tornadoes have been documented in every state of the United States. Florida is one of two regions in the United States with a disproportionately high frequency of tornadoes. The other, commonly known as "Tornado Alley", is positioned in the mid-west/south-central region of the country. Florida has numerous tornadoes simply due to the high frequency of almost daily thunderstorms.


The official Tornado season for Florida is February-May, but tornadoes can form anytime throughout the year. Now's the time to get prepared! Click here to learn more.



Personal Protective Actions

Most active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Because most incidents are over within minutes, you must be prepared to deal with the situation until law enforcement arrives. Preparedness and awareness are the keys to helping protect our employees, our customers, and ourselves. A protective actions video titled "Shots Fired on Campus" is available for checkout at the USF Tampa campus library. Additionally, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also provides online protective actions and workplace violence courses.



The University of South Florida’s top priority is the safety of all students, faculty, staff and visitors.


In the event of an emergency, official notifications will be updated as changes occur or there are cancellations to report.


For the latest emergency information, always check the main USF Website at


To learn more about USF's public safety initiatives and notification systems, including MoBull Messenger emergency text messages, campus sirens, USF's emergency hotline, emergency messaging on campus digital screens and much more, read this article in USF News.