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USF Joins College Board Access and Diversity Collaborative

A College Board Collaborative on Access and Diversity Policies and Practices in Higher Education

The College Board launched this project in the summer of 2004 to bring together legal and enrollment management experts to continue discussions about access and diversity policies following the June 2003 Supreme Court decisions in the University of Michigan cases. Through a series of meetings and other discussions with practitioners, the Collaborative has developed pragmatic strategic planning, legal, and policy tools to help institutions meet their diversity-related goals in ways that are legally sound. To date, three major topics have been addressed:
  • Financial aid and scholarships
  • Outreach, recruitment, and retention
  • Admissions (specifically selection)
The Access and Diversity Collaborative is designed to assure that the project is grounded in both reality and the law. This is being accomplished through an operating structure that includes representatives from sponsoring College Board member institutions and other higher education organizations, as well as individuals with a detailed understanding of the legal issues involved.

link to Visit the Access and Diversity Collaborative Website... Scroll down to sponsoring institutions and organizations to find USF listed.