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Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity Office  
Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity Office is responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating, a comprehensive institutional diversity program and university-wide multi-faceted inclusion and diversity initiatives to support the University’s commitment to diversity, inclusiveness and equal opportunity.

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Diversity & Inclusion Objectives

  • To enhance USF’s Diversity Management capability
  • To integrate Diversity management into USF’s system through education, policies, practices, cultural change, and shared responsibility
  • To enable colleges, divisions and units to accept responsibility and accountability for diversity management using their effective planning and review processes
  • To provide colleges, divisions and units with facilitating infrastructure and knowledge from the Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity Office
  • To provide leadership in support of diversity initiatives in all units and departments of the University
  • To enhance the quality of the University’s workforce, and develop culturally relevant inclusion skills for the diverse workplace of the 21st Century through educational and training opportunities
  • To provide support for enhancing the working and learning environment/climate that supports the well-being of all individuals at the University
  • To advocate for infusion of diversity concepts in the general education curriculum including multiple perspectives, and teaching strategies that prepare students for success in a diverse, and global workplace
The Four Directions of Diversity and Inclusion

  1. Diversity Education, Training & Development
    New Employee Orientation Presentations
    Open Enrollment Diversity Seminars
    Diversity Seminars for Departments/units
    Conference & Workshops in support of faculty & staff
    Information and Resources

  2. Diversity Strategic Planning & Institutional Change
    Strategic Diversity Planning
    Diversity Audit
    CLEAR Framework
    Campus Climate Survey

  3. Diversity Leadership & Community Engagement
    Diversity Network / DEONET Listserv (deonet@mailman.usf.edu).
    Diversity Circles
    Presidential Advisory Groups
    Advocacy Groups (BFSA, Latinos Association, Asian Alliance, etc)
    Regional/State Networking Meeting
    Community Engagement Activities

  4. Diversity Programs, Celebrations & Student Support
    New Faculty Tampa Tour
    Women’s Leadership Awards Luncheon
    National Multicultural Tour
    Mentoring Minority Undergraduate Students
    Diversity Celebrations
    Theodore and Vivian M. Johnson Scholarship
    Presentations to classes, including University Experience
    Support diverse student groups and diverse programs
    Safe Zone Ally Program
    Future Programs

For More Information Contact Patsy Feliciano pfelicia@admin.usf.edu