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Recruitment and Selection Guidelines

USF Guidelines for Recruitment and Selection
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Diversifying the Faculty "Diversifying the Faculty
- A Guidebook for Search Committees"

Written By: Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner
Published By: Association of American Colleges & Universities

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The arguments for faculty diversity are as compelling as the arguments for student diversity, which also extend beyond the obvious reasons of equity. Faculty diversification contributes directly to educational quality. A diverse faculty means better educational outcomes for all students. To serve current and future student populations, multiple and diverse perspectives are needed at every level of college teaching and governance.

This guidebook is divided into three parts, mirroring the steps in the faculty hiring process. Part I: Before the Search Begins describes the necessary and ongoing campus processes that are crucial in creating a context within which search committees can successfully diversify the faculty. Part II: The Search Process details what should happen during the search to promote success in hiring faculty of color. Since recruiting faculty of color without retaining them is self-defeatd. Best and promising hiring practices from a variety of institutions are interspersed throughout the text, and an extensive annotated bibliography and several appendices are included to help search committees and institutional leaders in this important challenge: diversifying the racial and ethnic composition of the faculty.

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