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Sexual Harassment Awareness Training Program

The Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity Office invites University personnel to register for Diversity Education Seminars with no fee!

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To register via phone, please call Talent Management at 813.974.3090

Seminars dates and times are listed below. Classes are held in the Student Services Building Training Room – SVC 2070. Seating is limited.

Sexual Harassment Awareness Training Program The Diveristy and Equal Opportunity Office, Human Resources and Organization Development and Training at USF are conducting a series of Train-the-Trainer Sexual Harassment Awareness sessions for USF employees. The attached materials may be used by trainers to conduct the sexual harassment awareness training for their areas.

Training Materials
  • PowerPoint Presentation to be used for the training

    Viewing with Netscape – Click on the above hyperlink. A gray box will open with the two choices of open or save to disk. Select open. If you have PowerPoint on your computer, the presentation will open within the program.

    Viewing with Internet Explorer – If you click on the above hyperlink, then the presentation will show in Slide View. If you want to view the presentation within PowerPoint, then right click on the hyperlink. Select Save Target As and save the presentation. Once it is saved, open PowerPoint on your computer and then open the presentation within PowerPoint.

    Notes Pages – The presentation contains notes as well as the slides themselves. To view the notes in PowerPoint, click on the View menu, then select Notes Pages. To print the notes, first select the File menu, then select Print, then select the “Print What” box and highlight Notes Pages, and then select OK to print.

  • Sexual Harassment Awareness Training Participant Guide [Word Document]
  • Trainers may use either or both of these case studies to begin the training:
    Case Study 1 [Word document]
    Case Study 2 [Word document]
  • Welcome Letter [Word document] – Trainers should send this letter to staff and faculty to invite them to the training sessions.
Logistics Coordinators

Contact person for questions:
Gina Bonarigo, Program Assistant, ODT
Phone: (813) 974-9116; Fax: (813) 974-5293
E-mail: gmbora@admin.usf.edu Also available: Diversity Education Seminars.