Ryan D.

Ryan D., Class of 2014
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Hometown: Murrieta, CA
Major: International Studies
Career Goal: Combat Engineer in the Marine Corps
Student Organizations: Delta Chi Fraternity, Intramural Sports, Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps, United Nations Association, University Lecture Series

Why I Chose USF

USF’s prominent Naval Reserve Officer Training Program was a big draw. Plus, there is a seemingly unlimited amount of things to do outside of class, and many opportunities to improve myself through campus organizations.

Learning Outside the Classroom

I am continually amazed about how much you can learn about yourself at USF, especially when you become involved in campus organizations and get out of your bubble.

Favorite Class

Even though it was outside of my major, I liked Cultural Anthropology. The class was extremely interesting, and I learned a lot about the profession of anthropology.

Advice for Incoming Students

Find something about yourself that you know you can improve on, and search for an organization that can help you develop into the person you want to be. An education is about more than going to class. It’s also learning things about yourself and others that will be beneficial after graduation.