President: Ken Short, Center for Urban Transportation Research

Vice President: Lady Washington, Internal Medicine

Secretary: Regina Brown, College of Behavioral and Community Science

Past President: Christopher Akin, Information Technology

Council Sponsor : Sandy Lovins, Vice President, Administrative Services

Welcome New Members!

Congratulations on your election to the A&P Council!

Newly elected members in the 2014-2017 session include:

  • Tyrone Gray
  • · Shelley McDuff
  • · Ashely Leko
  • · Kimberly Sikorski
  • · Mischa Morgera
  • · Suchitram Danials
  • · Elliot Charles
  • · Keith Anderson
  • · Marsha Pesch
  • · Omar Shaheen
  • · Winston Jones
  • · Dwight Pollock
  • · Renee Seay
  • · Fairfax Vickers
  • · Michelle Bombaugh
  • · Terrie Wade
  • · Cherie Dilley
  • · Ryan Hughes
  • · Kimberly Read
  • · Antoinette Anderson
  • · Lourdes Rodriguez
  • · Troy Hambrick
  • · Jessica Grossman
  • · Kristin Steffen
  • · David Brodosi
  • · Danielle Dahm



The AAC seeks to consider and make recommendations to the appropriate authorities on matters of interest to the University community.

USF has three governance organizations that advise the President on matters of interest. They are the AAC, Faculty Senate, and the Staff Senate. The AAC represents all administrative and professional employees. 

USF encourages faculty and staff participation in governance organizations and outlines participation guidelines and responsibilities in this pdf document.

USF's AAC is made up of 42 members elected from a body of approximately 2300.

The membership proportionately represents administrative units within the University. These areas include

NOTE: Constituency groups are subject to change as organization changes occur.

Effective July 1, 2010, Administration employees appointed at least half-time are eligible for nomination and election for three-year terms to the Council. (The term was changed from two years to increase continuity in council and accommodate increased membership.) Elections take place prior to July 1 each year. AAC members serve as:

  • Representatives of Administration employees at USF

  • Advisors to other policy makers at USF

  • Sources of information to each other about organizational developments

  • Advocates for USF both on and off campus

  • Links to AAC employees at other SUS institutions

The AAC has been active with activities including the Leadership Council, the USF vision and values statement, the Presidential Search, and Cultural Transition Team.


NEXT AAC Meeting

Tuesday November 18, 2014 at 2 PM
MC 4200

Guest Speaker

  • Lt. General Martin Steele (USMC Retired)
    Associate Vice President for Veterans Research
    Executive Director, USF Military Partnerships 

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