The Black Faculty and Staff Association of the University of South Florida was formed in 1972 when a small group of concerned community members and the University of South Florida (USF) faculty and staff met to discuss the climate and practice of systemic racism in the hiring and firing of black faculty, the process and practice of tenure and promotion, as well as the declining retention rate of black students. Among those championing this cause were Troy Collier, M.A., Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. John Smith, Professor College of The Arts, Dr. Alma Bryant, (deceased) Associate Professor English, Mr. Richard Pride, College of Education, Upward Bound and Dr. Lowell E. Davis, Dean USFSP. This discussion ultimately led to a germinal meeting to discuss the status of black life on campus with then University President Dr. Cecil Mackey in 1974. In 1975 this group of citizens was reconstituted as the Black Faculty Caucus and officially commissioned as the Black Faculty and Staff Association in 1980 under the guidance of Dean Davis.

Each fall semester BFSA welcomes new black faculty and staff of the University with an annual breakfast of recognition by diverse members of the USF community. Community outreach initiatives include providing holiday baskets and gift cards to families in need within the Tampa Bay community during Thanksgiving and Christmas. To coordinate these community outreach, development, welcome and networking efforts, the members of BFSA come together on the third Thursday of each month for a one-hour-long working lunch at which time concerns, acknowledgements and initiatives are discussed.


BFSA Mentoring ProgramUSF's Black Faculty and Staff Association helps students succeed with mentoring program

Students meet their mentors at the second annual Mentor/Mentee Match program.

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The heart of the Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA) is centered on support in our quest to foster a work environment of respect and cooperation throughout all USF campuses. As a voluntary member-supported affinity group, BFSA endeavors to offer Interdependent support through professional and social networking by hosting events such as professional workshops and lectures. We also commit to making our active involvement in the recruitment and retention of well-qualified and talented employees a priority of this organization along with promoting the success of USF students.

In moving forward to fulfill our commitment to BFSA members and the USF community we realize that there is no us without you. BFSA can be no greater than the participation and commitment of its members and we need your creative ideas, innovative suggestions and active involvement to make this organization and its work rise to the excellence we each embody.

For the convenience of all who desire to learn more about BFSA and join a team of champions, we have developed a website to connect you with news concerning our black students, faculty and staff. Please feel free to contribute articles and information that might be of interest to the entire community especially achievements, milestones and issues of concern. We are proud people worthy of celebration so help us to celebrate one another by ensuring we are notified of individual and collective accomplishments.