Pool Policies

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Ben Pazian, Aquatics Assistant

Pool Policies

1- No running, wrestling, or horseplay in pool area (on deck or diving boards).

2- No swimming without the presence of a Campus Recreation Lifeguard.

3- Glass containers, alcoholic beverages, food or drinks are NOT permitted in the pool area.

4- Pool use is reserved for students, faculty/staff, and their families only. Swimmers may be asked to show ID cards at any time

5- Children using floatation devices must be accompanied by an adult at all times in the water.

6- Lifeguards reserve the right to restrict the use of boards and deep-water area to people according to swimming ability.

7- At the discretion of the lifeguard(s) on duty, diving boards may be closed at any time based on the number of lap swimmers present. See Diving Board Policies.

8- Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time. Look before diving to verify that area is safe.

9- Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

10- No bikes, skateboards or roller skates in the pool area.

11-No Animals, except for Service Animals registered with Student Disability Services, are allowed onto pool deck or into locker rooms.

12- No smoking.

13- No diving in the shallow end.