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Get Fit With Bull Fit!

Outdoor BOOT CAMP style workouts that offer variety, challenge, motivation & improved fitness level. Workouts include: light jogs, stairs, agility drills, resistance exercises, partner work and much more!

The Deal

  • Introductory cost $55 per month
  • Taught by Certified Personal Trainers
  • Zero Equipment Required
  • No Membership Needed
  • Must be healthy to participate
    • Physicians Clearance May Be Required

Scheduling Bullfit for Your Group

BullFit has to have a minimum of 5 participants to form a group. If you are signing up as an individual, please note you will be paired with a group based on availability, however, there are no guarantee that your request can be honored. If you already have a group formed, each participant must submit an interest form, please include a group name. BullFit meets 2x/week for 4 weeks for a total of 8 one (1) hour sessions.

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