Hours of Operation

Campus Recreation Center Hours
Argos Fitness Center Hours
Magnolia Fitness Center Hours

Availability of Indoor Facilities
Argos Fitness- Multipurpose Room
East Gym
Indoor Pool
North Gym
Racquetball Court 1
Racquetball Court 2
Racquetball Court 3
Racquetball Court 4
Racquetball Court 5
Squash Court
REC 005- Multipurpose Room
REC 033- Multipurpose Room
REC 101- Multipurpose Room
REC 107- Multipurpose Room

Availability of Outdoor Facilities
Fitness Trail
Fowler Fields
Magnolia Fields
Outdoor Basketball Courts
Riverfront Park
Softball Fields
Sycamore Fields
Tennis Courts: Andros
Tennis Courts: P.E.

Riverfront Park
Riverfront Park Hours
Pavilions 1-3

Events @ Campus Rec