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Asbestos Information

Asbestos HazardAsbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral that was used extensively for insulation, fire protection, and acoustical applications in buildings constructed before 1980. Examples of materials containing asbestos include pipe insulation, vinyl floor tiles, thermal system insulation, acoustical plaster ceilings, transite panels in laboratory hoods, and lab bench tops. These materials do not pose a health risk when they’re intact and well-maintained.


Under no circumstances will any faculty, staff or students be allowed to disturb any asbestos containing material.  Licensed asbestos consultants perform asbestos surveys to identify asbestos containing materials prior to maintenance or renovation projects where these materials may be impacted.  When identified, asbestos containing materials are removed by a licensed asbestos contractor.  If asbestos is found, please contact the Safety Officer immediately.

Staff Training

All custodial, maintenance, and related personnel will receive one hour of asbestos awareness annually. The purpose of the training is to make staff members aware of the dangers of asbestos and how to avoid exposure. The training includes the following:

  • Types and uses of asbestos
  • Health effects
  • Locations of asbestos
  • How to recognize damaged asbestos
  • How to report damage or request removal for maintenance
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