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Special Events

All special events will require completion of the Special Event Safety Checklist.  We have provided the link to the checklist below. Additionally you will find links to the University policy on Events and a Fire Safety Chart for Barbecues.   Some special events will require a fire safety inspection before the event occurs by the Fire Safety Specialist.  The Fire Safety Specialist will use the event safety checklist during the inspection and identify any fire and life safety concerns and ensure corrective action of deficiencies. 

Click here to view the Special Events Policy

Special Events Request Form

Special Events Safety Checklist

Fire Safety & Food Hygiene Chart for Barbecues

Pyrotechnics Permit Application


This is a proposed approval process for event scheduling at the University of South Florida. The primary objective for this procedure is to ensure the best interests of the University (fiscal, physical and community relations) and its population is protected.


  • Special Events - all events other than official events are considered special events.
  • Official Events - annual events which are scheduled in university publications (classes, orientations, graduation ceremonies).
  • Potentially Hazardous Event - any activity that might possibly result in some degree of harm to persons or the environment or in defacement or damage to public or private property. (Including but not limited to bonfires, use of firearms, explosives or munitions; fireworks; motor vehicle races or exhibitions, gatherings in excess of 150 persons, including campus athletic events which are not registered with the Scheduling office; public events under the legal definition provided by City and County Health (food provided to the public).
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