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All laboratories, as defined within the USF Chemical Hygiene Plan, must be registered with the Division of Environmental Health & Safety. The registration information required will include the names and contact information of the Principal Investigator and alternate contacts, laboratory location(s), and the laboratory hazard information. The laboratory registration should be filled out by all new Principal Investigators, Principal Investigators moving into a new lab, when new contacts come into the lab, and before you vacate a laboratory.

Lab Location Designation

If changes are made to the laboratory contact, location and/or hazard information, the registration information must be updated by the PI within 30 days. This information must be resubmitted to EH&S on the Laboratory Registration Form.

Prior to vacating a registered laboratory, the PI or responsible person will notify EH&S of the intent to move or close the laboratory. This information must be resubmitted to EH&S on the Laboratory Registration Form at least 30 days prior to moving to ensure that hazardous materials not being removed can be properly identified for disposal or transfer to another laboratory. In the event that the decision to vacate or move a lab is made less than 30 days in advance or if the responsible person should leave the university without notification, it will be the responsibility of the College/Department to notify EH&S of the lab closing and for identification of all hazardous wastes.

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