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The information below provides general descriptions pertaining to each workshop.

Laboratory & Research Safety

This introductory course covers the basic principles of keeping laboratories safe. It is offered to faculty, staff, and students that work in USF laboratories. Topics covered include chemical hazards, chemical storage, hazardous waste management, and accident management.

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Safety Training Matrix for Laboratory Personnel

Hazardous Materials & Waste

This introductory course is provided to faculty, staff, and students who handle hazardous wastes. Individuals are trained on being in compliance with EPA hazardous waste regulations. Topics covered include hazardous waste determination, waste storage, container management, and waste pick-up.

Occupational Health and Safety General Information

This training is intended for Faculty and Students to promote general awareness of the potential hazards in the workplace and the safe manner in which they should be addressed. Classes are targeted to a wide range of attendees and cover many facets of the U.S.F. work environment. Courses touch on subjects such as Hazardous Communication, Personal Protective Equipment, Slips Trips and Falls, Hearing Conservation, Golf Cart Training and  other task driven topics.

Golf & Utility Cart Training

In order to get your certificate of training, view the Cart Training Video below.

Cart Training Video

Asbestos Awareness Training

This training is to provide knowledge and guidance for Faculty, Staff and Students of USF on the proper procedures of USF Policies for Assessment, Determination and Removal of Asbestos. Training consists of Origin of Asbestos, Health effects caused by Asbestos, Suspect Asbestos Building Materials and where they may be found, Rules and Regulation of EPA.

Fire Prevention Safety Training

Fire Prevention Safety Training provides training and public fire education services to the University of South Florida.  Fire safety provides effective leadership, coordination and support for fire prevention and suppression programs by promoting fire and life safety issues through education. It is our goal to focus on fire prevention to reduce the possibility of injury or death from fire.

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