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2010-2011 Financial Aid Award Terms and Conditions

Your financial aid award offer is based on full-time enrollment, and reflects your eligibility based on your grade level, whether or not you met priority application dates, your residency status and other program specific criteria at the time of the award offer.   All awards are contingent upon sufficient appropriation of funds and your fulfillment of the terms and conditions that follow.

Your eligibility for financial aid funds requires you to satisfy the following terms and conditions:

  1. You must be enrolled as a degree seeking student to remain eligible for financial aid. 

  2. Your enrollment status determines your financial aid eligibility each semester.  If you take classes at another school, you may not be eligible to receive funds from some financial aid programs.   You must meet the specific enrollment and academic requirements for each financial aid program in order to receive funds from that program.  Enrollment requirements vary for different aid programs.   Click on each Fund Name in OASIS to check for specific enrollment requirements for each of your financial aid awards.

  3. You must check your financial aid satisfactory academic progress status each semester in OASIS .
    Login, choose Financial Aid, then choose Check My Eligibility.

  4. You must notify the Financial Aid Office immediately if your residency status changes, if you graduate and immediately re-enroll, if your status changes from undergraduate to graduate, or if your status changes to non-degree.   

  5. You must check OASIS each semester to see that you have satisfied all requirements to receive financial aid.  Login, choose Financial Aid, then choose My Requirements.

  6. Your financial aid must be reduced if you receive more aid than your cost of attendance.  Aid  from sources not showing on your award notice may change your eligibility and require that financial aid funds be reduced or taken back.  Examples include tuition waivers, fellowships, scholarships, veteran’s benefits, and vocational rehabilitation benefits.  If you expect funds from these or other sources, notify Financial Aid immediately using the Additional Resources Form in OASIS.

Class attendance is required if you are receiving federal student aid.  If you stop attending or totally withdraw, we are required to take back financial aid funds

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