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Fall 2013 Newsletter

Check Out Our New Financial Education Program!

Do you need help making and sticking to a budget?  Are you keeping track of how much you’re borrowing in students loans? Let our Financial Education Program staff help you get a head start on securing your financial future!

We’re located in SVC 2054 on the USF Tampa campus. We offer a variety of services for Tampa campus undergraduate students including:

  • Understanding Your Wants vs. Needs
  • Budgeting, Saving, and Establishing Credit
  • Paying for College/Borrowing Wisely/Managing Repayment
  • Protecting Your Identity

If you prefer to learn from your classmates, Our Bull2Bull peer educators are available to help.  We are also planning plenty of fun (but informative!) events on campus all year long.  Stay tuned!

Don’t miss our Open House, Monday, August 26th from 11am-2pm. Meet the staff and take home a gift!


150% Program Limit On Federal Direct Subsidized Loans

If you are borrowing a Federal Direct Subsidized Loan for the first time on or after July 1, 2013, you will no longer be eligible once you have received Federal Direct Subsidized Loans for a period of 150% of your educational program. For example, if you are enrolling in a bachelor's degree program (4 year degree), you can only receive a Federal Direct Subsidized Loan for six years. If you continue borrowing as an undergraduate after the six year threshold, your Federal Direct Subsidized Loans will convert to Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans and interest will begin to accrue.

Tuition Deferments

Check OASIS prior to the start of classes to see if you have a tuition deferment. A deferment allows you to delay tuition and fee payment without being dropped from your classes.

Deferments are available for students who:

  • have scholarship(s) on their OASIS account that are ready to pay (including Bright Futures), or
  • have a FAFSA on file by August 15th and are otherwise eligible.

In addition, students must be meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress standard. To check your Satisfactory Academic Progress in OASIS:

  1. Login to OASIS
  2. Choose "Financial Aid"
  3. Choose " My Award and Loan Information"
  4. Select the 13-14 aid year
  5. View your Satisfactory Academic Progress status under the "General Information" tab.

If your SAP status is ineligible, you must pay your tuition by the end of drop/add or your classes may be cancelled. If you are enrolled at USF this summer and your current status is warning or probation, you will not be considered for a tuition deferment until August 15th, after the next SAP calculation.

Enrollment Requirements

You can repeat a course you've passed ONE TIME and have it count in your hours enrolled for financial aid purposes. If you repeat a course you've passed more than one time, the hours will not be considered in your enrollment and could affect your eligibility for federal student aid (including loans) and USF grants. Keep in mind, however, that USF's academic policy counts repeated courses differently. Please review the section Grade Forgiveness Policy in the Undergraduate Course Catalog at (Adobe PDF)

All financial aid, including student loans, require that you be enrolled as a degree seeking student.

Undergraduate Students

Full-time status is a minimum of 12 undergraduate USF credit hours.
Half-time status is a minimum of 6 undergraduate USF credit hours.

Graduate Students

Full-time status is a minimum of 9 graduate USF credit hours.
Half-time status is a minimum of 5 graduate USF credit hours.

Need Help?

Due to the high volume of office inquiries starting the week before fall semester begins, service will be provided to you based on when you filed your FAFSA and completed the application process.

You can meet with an advisor on a walk in basis:

  • beginning September 16th, if you filed your FAFSA after August 15, 2013

  • beginning September 9th, if you filed your FAFSA by August 15, 2013 but did not submit all required documents by August 15th

  • if you filed your FAFSA and submitted all required documents by August 15, 2013

In order to get the best possible service, make sure you have filed your FAFSA and provided us with all required documents no later than August 15th!

Report Funds From Outside Sources To Avoid Late Surprises

Federal regulations prohibit you from receiving more financial aid than your cost of attendance. If you have not previously reported funds from other sources, let us know immediately using the Additional Resources tab in OASIS. Your awards may be revised to reflect any changes.

  • Choose 'My Award and Loan Information';
  • Choose 'Award for Aid Year';
  • Select the 13-14 aid year;
  • Click on the 'Resources/Additional Information' tab
  • Enter the award information and click submit

Additional aid sources may include Scholarships, Tuition Waivers, Fellowships, etc.

Bright Futures Update

NEW!! In order for your funds to be paid, you must make sure USF is listed as your postsecondary institution on the Bright Futures Website.

Select "APPLICATION STATUS & AWARD HISTORY" from top banner menu
Click "Demographic and Postsecondary Information" in Section 1

We recommend that before beginning enrollment this fall, you familiarize yourself with the Bright Futures renewal requirements.

For additional information regarding the Florida Bright Futures Program, as well as current Bright Futures Scholarship amounts, please visit the OSFA web site.

New Tampa Campus Freshman, Complete Life Skills for Student Success by August 21st

All first-year Tampa campus students must complete Financial Literacy 101, the USF Survival Guide and AlcoholEdu online courses by August 21st. Don't delay! You are required to complete the Financial Literacy 101 course with a score of at least 80%.

To get started, log on to Click on the Teaching Tools tab at the top. In the Courses module, click on Life Skills for Student Success and you are ready to begin!

Federal Direct Loan Disbursement

Click here to view the Federal Direct Loans page

Florida Prepaid College Program

The Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan at USF is administered by the Cash Accounting Office.

Bookstore Advance (BAPP)

Students eligible for BAPP will be notified by email to their USF email account.

Students who are eligible for a BAPP may purchase books and supplies from the USF Bookstore until 4 p.m., August 29, 2013.

Check OASIS to see if you have a BAPP for Fall.


All USFAS email communications will go to your USF account.

Make sure you view your emails regularly so that you don't miss important information concerning financial aid.


Subscribe to E-Deposit in OASIS

eDeposit allows USF to electronically deposit funds directly to your personal bank account and expedites the receipt of your refund.

Sign up for eDeposit by signing into OASIS:

  • Click "Student"
  • Click "Tuition & Fees"
  • Click "Subscribe to eDeposit"

Need Help With OASIS?

Check out financial aid "How-To Videos" that demonstrate how to navigate OASIS, how you can sign your promissory note electronically and more!


Check OASIS Regularly...

Check OASIS now for unsatisfied requirements, revisions to your award offer, and deferments.

Check OASIS again just before classes start.

Your award may be revised:

  • If you receive funds such as scholarships, tuition waivers, etc., or
  • If there are changes to your FAFSA, budget (residency changes, living arrangments, etc.), and/or enrollment status.

Be Aware Of Financial Aid Scams!

We do not request personal information via phone calls to students.

There are organizations that impersonate college, government, and private institutions. Some will ask you for personal information that can be used in identity theft.

USFAS primarily communicates with students via e-mail through a USF account and we request personal information be submitted in written form for our records.


EEO & Diversity

USF is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access/Affirmative Action Institution.


Take 15 credit hours to graduate on time.

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