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Bookstore Advance Purchase Program (BAPP)

The BAPP allows you to charge books and supplies at any USF campus bookstore using your financial aid before it is paid. Your purchases will be included as a charge on your student account and paid for by your financial aid at the end of the add/drop period.

It is not additional financial aid.

To qualify each term you must:

  • Be degree seeking, and
  • Be enrolled at least half-time in USF hours and
  • Have financial aid ready to disburse that is at least $100 more than your student account charges.

If you qualify for a BAPP, USFAS will send you an e-mail approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of the term.

IMPORTANT: Your BAPP eligibility may change after you have been approved if additional charges are posted to your student account or your aid eligibility changes. The most common reasons why you may not qualify for a BAPP may include, but are not limited to:

How the BAPP is Paid with Your Financial Aid
After your financial aid disburses at the end of drop/add, all charges on your student account are paid, including your BAPP charges. The University Controller's Office (SVC 1038) will refund any unused BAPP funds along with any overpayment caused by your financial aid payments via e-deposit or paper check. Any textbooks returned to the USF Bookstore purchased with the BAPP will be credited back to your student account by the University Controller's Office approximately 10 business days after the end of the first week of classes.

To see how much you may spend, log into OASIS, choose 'Financial Aid', then 'My Award & Loan Information' and review the 'General Information' tab.

How Do I Use My BAPP?

  1. Go to one of the campus bookstore locations or log into OASIS to reserve your textbooks (choose ‘Student’, then ‘Reserve My Textbooks at the Start of Each Semester’)
  2. Go to the textbook sales floor and pick up your books
  3. Go to the cash register and present your USF ID and your USF ID number (available in OASIS) and inform the cashier you wish to use the BAPP
  4. Walk out with your books!



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