New Freshman, Complete Life
Skills for Student Success by
August 17th!

All first-year students are required to complete Financial Literacy 101,the USF Survival Guide and AlcoholEdu online courses by August 17th. Don’t delay! You are required to
 complete the course with a score of at least 80%. 

To get started, log on to  Click on the
Student Life tab at the top.  In the My Organizations Plus
module, click on
Life Skills for Student Success and you are ready to begin!



Enrollment Requirements
(including student loans)

All financial aid programs require that you be enrolled as a degree seeking student.

Enrollment status is the same for every semester:

Undergraduate Students

Full-time status is a minimum of 12 undergraduate USF credit hours

Half-time status is a minimum of 6 undergraduate USF credit hours

Graduate Students

Full-time status is a minimum of 9 graduate USF credit hours

Half-time status is a minimum of 5 graduate USF credit hours

Most financial aid awards require at least half-time enrollment and many programs require full-time enrollment.


Be Aware Of Financial Aid Scams! 

We do not request personal 
information via phone calls to 
There are organizations that 
impersonate college, government, and private institutions.  Some will ask you for personal information that can be used in identity theft.  
USFAS primarily communicates with students via e-mail through a USF account and we request personal information be submitted in written form for our records.  

Subscribe to eDeposit In OASIS!
eDeposit allows USF to electronically deposit funds directly to your personal bank account. Paper checks take longer than eDeposit, which means it takes longer to get your money.  
Sign up for eDeposit by 
logging into OASIS:
Click Student,
Click Tuition & Fees,
Click Subscribe to eDeposit.
Allow 10 business days for your 
eDeposit to be active.

Don't Give Us Your 
Only Copy...
...because any documentation you submit is converted to an electronic image and then destroyed. Make sure to ONLY submit photocopies of your tax information. 
Any information you submit must be legible and complete (including your and/or your parents' signatures, if required). 

Make sure that your name and USF ID number are written clearly on every page. 

Do not fax your information to us.  Faxes are often illegible and we 
cannot use them; this slows down the processing of your aid.

Changes to Bright Futures

Several changes were made to Bright Futures during this year’s State of Florida legislative session. We recommend that before beginning enrollment this fall, you familiarize yourself with these changes.

Most important is the new requirement that all Bright Futures recipients submit a FAFSA before funds can be paid.  If you have not filed yours yet, do so now at

Check OASIS regularly...

· To see if all your requirements are complete.

· To review your awards for revisions.

· To accept scholarship and award terms and conditions.

· To accept/decline your awards.

· To check your eligibility status (financial aid holds, satisfactory progress).

· To check for deferments and bookstore advance authorizations.

· To sign up for eDeposit (highly recommended).

Check OASIS now for revisions to your original award offer, and then on a regular basis, at least once per month. Awards must be revised when we receive information that changes your eligibility for financial aid.

New first time in college students (admitted to USF beginning fall 2011) were awarded conditionally, before all requirements were complete and final eligibility determined. As a result, your award may be revised:

· When information is received regarding your eligibility for scholarships and other resources such as tuition waivers, or other outside funds.

· When information is received that changes  
- your FAFSA results,  
             - your budget (residency changes, living arrangements, etc.); and/or,   
             - your enrollment status.

After classes begin, your enrollment status may require that your awards be adjusted. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for details.

Need Help With OASIS?
Check out our "How-To" page for help with OASIS navigation. Click on your area of interest and watch as the "How-To" shows you "How-To" navigate to the information you need. 
Federal Work-Study (FWS)
FWS awards must be accepted in OASIS. Go to Careers@USF to search for FWS jobs.
Search our online database for immediate answers to your questions or e-mail your financial aid advisor. 
EEO & Diversity
USF is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access/Affirmative Action Institution.

Avoid Surprises, Report Funds From Other Sources

To ensure timely disbursement of your aid funds notify us as soon as possible about any additional resources you may be receiving by using the using the Additional Resources tab in OASIS:

· Choose ‘My Award and Loan Information’;

· Choose ‘Award for Aid Year’;

· Select the appropriate aid year;

· Click on the ‘Resources/Additional Information’ tab; and

· Enter the award information and click submit.



Are you meeting the financial aid requirements for satisfactory progress?

· Check your current satisfactory progress status in OASIS under "check my eligibility". Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements for financial aid recipients are not the same as USF's academic requirements for continuing enrollment and graduation.

· Check your status seven days after each semester ends (after final exams week).

· Check August 15th for your fall status.


Check OASIS prior to the start of classes to see if you have a tuition deferment.  Deferments allow you to temporarily postpone payment without being cancelled.  If you do not have a tuition deferment, you must pay your bill by August 26th, 2011.


Loan Information

In order to receive your Federal Direct Student Loan, you must...

· Accept your loans in OASIS;

· Be enrolled at least half-time in USF courses appropriate to your grade level;

· Complete an online Direct Student Loan Entrance Interview if you are a new borrower; and

· Sign a Master Promissory Note.

Bookstore Advance Purchase Program (BAPP)

The BAPP allows eligible students to purchase books and supplies from all USF Bookstores before financial aid disburses.  You will be notified by e-mail of your eligibility.

Check OASIS to see if you have a BAPP before you go to the bookstore.

You qualify for a BAPP if you:

· Are degree seeking for fall semester;

· Are enrolled at least half-time in USF courses appropriate to your grade level; and

· Have financial aid ready to disburse that is at least $300 more than your student account charges.


Florida Prepaid College Program

The Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan at USF is administered by the Cash Accounting Office.

For more information about Florida Prepaid at USF go to the University Controller's Office website.

Go to the state's website for more information about the Florida Prepaid College Program


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(813) 974-4700


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