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Alternative Enrollment

Alternative Enrollment refers to any approved enrollment option in which some or all registered hours are at another school. Students are responsible for paying fees to the host institution. There are 3 alternative enrollment options- cross enrollment, transient enrollment and study abroad.

To participate in an alternative enrollment program and be considered for financial aid you must:

  • be classified as a degree seeking undergraduate student at USF

  • have successfully completed at least one term of enrollment at USF

  • have an eligible Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status ( cannot be in warning or probation status, or about to reach your degree level limit of attempted hours)

  • be academically eligible to enroll in the courses at USF, i.e. not prohibited by USF academic policy

  • enroll only in courses that satisfy an outstanding degree requirement

If you are pursuing alternative enrollment at a state of Florida public school, you must complete the Florida Shines Transient Student Admission Application.  Enrollment at Florida private school or a non-Florida school requires completion of the Consortium Agreement for Transient Students or the Cross Enrollment Contract

All students participating in an alternative enrollment program are required to request an official academic transcript from the host institution to be sent to USF at the end of the semester. Financial aid will be placed on hold for all future semesters until the transcript information is posted to your permanent record.

Cross Enrollment

Cross enrollment occurs when you are enrolled at least half-time in USF classes while also enrolled in classes at another institution.
Financial aid for cross enrollment is available only if you are receiving Pell Grant and/or Florida Bright Futures funds and you meet one of the following conditions:

  1. there are no seats available at your USF home institution for a course that is required to stay on track for graduation; or

  2. the course is not offered in a given semester at your USF home institution and if the course is not taken in that semester, your graduation will be delayed; or

  3. the course(s) are part of a partnership between the USF home institution and a state college.

All other financial aid funds will be prorated based on your USF course enrollment.

Transient Enrollment

Transient study occurs when you are not enrolled in any USF classes, while enrolled at least half-time at another institution.

Financial aid for transient study (excluding study abroad) during the fall and spring terms is available only if you must return home as a result of a family or personal emergency, and you will be attending another Florida State University System institution.

Study Abroad

If you are considering study in a country outside the United States and will be receiving academic credit that satisfies your degree requirements, you may be able to use financial aid to cover the expenses associated with USF approved study abroad programs.

IMPORTANT: If you are considering an independent non-USF sponsored or non-USF exchange study abroad program, please see an Education Abroad Advisor for more information.

Direct (USF Enrolled) Programs
USF Exchange Programs
Transfer Programs

Expense Loans for Study Abroad

Handling your financial aid situation before you leave the country will ensure that you have a positive, stress-free overseas experience. Prepare for your trip by reviewing guidelines for aid disbursement with your financial aid adviser. Before leaving the country, check OASIS once again to make sure that your financial aid file is complete.

University Scholarships and Financial Aid Services hopes that you enjoy your study abroad experience and we look forward to assisting you with the preparations for your program!

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