Transfer Programs:

These are programs administered and supervised by a third party organization. USF charges an administrative fee. All credits you enroll in come from another institution and are transferrable back to USF. If you are considering a transfer program, you must:

  1. Meet with an Education Abroad advisor to confirm your enrollment type;

  2. Complete the Study Abroad Contract for Financial Aid;

  3. Meet with a financial aid advisor to discuss the types of aid that will be available;

  4. Attend the mandatory pre-departure meeting held by Education Abroad;

  5. Request verification of enrollment from your host institution after the first week of classes.

  6. Make sure you are signed up for e-Deposit in OASIS; and

  7. Remember to request an academic transcript be sent to USF Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Admissions office at the end of your abroad semester.

Financial aid funds will be paid after USFAS receives and processes verification of enrollment from your host institution.