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Number Name Description Information
FST150Accounting ConceptsThis program provides basic accounting information to support the use and understanding of the USF financial systems. Materials required.Click Here
DIV123Advising Today's Multicultural StudentThis workshop for Advisors looks at cultural identity, stereotypes, student harassment and discrimination complaints, and USF policies, process and resources.Click Here
DIV119Americans with Disabilities ActExplore the importance of equal access and accessibility for all persons involved with USF. The discussions will focus on more than the laws, Policies, and procedures.Click Here
FST111Asset ManagementLearn how to lookup details on capital assets using FASTClick here
BPC117Attendance & Leave Audit ProceduresTo educate leave coordinators on how to execute the business processes as they apply to leave audits and timesheetsClick Here
BPC109Attendance and Leave Policies and ProceduresThis workshop is designed to familiarize the Departmental Leave Coordinator of the responsibilities for compliance and leave policies and procedures.Click Here
HRBKCKBackground ChecksUSF requires criminal history background checks for most new hires. This online tutorial shows departmental HR users how to request a background check. MUST BE VIEWED WITH INTERNET EXPLORER.Click Here
FST125Banking and CashieringThis program provides a review of basic internal controls that apply to cash handling in departments. It also includes detailed presentation of reconciliation tips for bank card and e-check payments.Click Here
OASCLSBanner Class ScheduleThis hands on workshop will provide training to staff that are responsible for updating the courses offered by their college/department.Click Here
FST300Billing and Accounts ReceivableFor those who have never used the FAST billing module or who would like a refresher, this program addresses the USF billing system for commercial business conducted with outside customers.Click Here
PRD104Blueprint to Success: Career Development Skills Learn the tools to identify your strengths and talent gaps in your current position, draft a developmental action plan, and engage your manager in a conversation about your professional success.Click Here
SE304Bringing Creativity to ServiceThis is a hands-on, fresh approach to enhancing service excellence skills through creative thinking and problem-solving.Click Here
TAL201Building TeamsTopics include strategies for enhancing team cohesion, collaboration, and performance results, effective team leadership practices, and stages of team development.Click Here
TAL301Building Teams IIThis program builds on the team effectiveness model introduced in Building and Developing Teams. Will identify the skills needed to understand when a team dysfunctions and how to redirect.Click Here
HRCHABChild Abuse Reporting PolicyFlorida law now requires reporting of known or suspected child abuse with special mandates for universities. This online training provides information about the new law and USF's policy.Click Here
SE103Communicating Service OrientationThis workshop is designed to be a skill builder in the area of listening and speaking clearly and purposefully.Click Here
GEM102Cool GEMS TricksThis online training will teach a few GEMS tricks such as how to change your password, set up a Forgotten Password Help, save your Favorites, use the search feature, and customize pages.Click Here
DIV115Coping with Diverse StylesWorkshop to evaluate the concepts and respect, and identify strategies to properly address conflictClick Here
DWORKSDegreeWorksOverview and Navigational training on DegreeWorksClick Here
PRC102Delivering Effective Presentations In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn and practice presentation techniques that can increase both your skill and comfort. Click Here
SE101Delivering USF's Standard of ServiceIn today's service excellence environment, people skills are vital for personal and organizational success. Explore ways to interact with the customer to produce win-win situations.Click Here
TAL100Dialogue at WorkActivities and conversations that highlight common challenges faced by people seeking to create, achieve, or solve problems togetherClick Here
DIV121Diversity & Equal Opportunity 101This is a three module workshop designed to discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion, equal access and accessibility for all persons and the impact and liability of sexual harassment.Click Here
PRC103Effective Employee CoachingThis workshop emphasizes the importance of coaching employees so that the individual, the team, and the university gain from that development.Click Here
PRC205Effective InterviewingSelection of personnel is one of the most important responsibilities of a manager. Participants will learn effective ways to interview potential employees so that the best candidate is identified.Click Here
PRD102Email 101: Best practices in email communicationAn online training on enhancing clarity and minimizing misunderstandings in emails. Includes technical skills such as setting up a signature or setting an “out of office” response.Click Here
TRN100Engaging the Adult LearnerIn this workshop, participants will gain an understanding on how adults learn, determine learning objectives, how to gain the interest of adult learners and create an environment conducive to learningClick Here
DIV117Expand Your Global PerspectiveThis workshop is designed to prepare individuals to function effectively in our global community.Click Here
FAST91FAST 9.1: What's New, What's Different?Five minute online training on new features and functions available in FAST 9.1Click Here
FST105FAST Advanced/RefresherIn depth review of FAST, queries, workflow and other tools. Newest additions/upgrades/policies/proceduresClick Here
FST126Financial Systems IntermediateThis course is an extension of the intro course. Offerring info on modules, chart fields, flow or data and reportingClick Here
FST110Financial Systems IntroductionDiscussion will include what the finanical components are, how they intergrate, and how to use them.Click Here
BPC111Foreign National/RightStart TrainingThis workshop is designed to aid departments in identifying the necessary steps involved in hiring foreign nationals. Discussion will include how to work with departments to ensure compliance.Click Here
FND200Foundation Accounts PayableThis workshop is for members of the USF community who manage or reconcile Foundation funds and is necessary for those who initiate Foundation check requests.Click Here
FND300Foundation Deposit ProcessesGain an understanding of Foundation deposit policies and procedures focusing on cash collection issues, Educational Business Activities (EBA), sponsorships, etc.Click Here
OAS100Foundation Financial ToolsLearn how to use the Finance module of BANNER to assist with accurate administration of your Foundation accounts.Click Here
FND500Foundation Fund Management TrainingGain an understanding on establishing new Foundation funds through the completion of a Fund Data Form. Also covers how to make changes to existing Foundation funds and how to close unused funds.Click Here
FOUNDFoundation Open House ToursTour Office of Business & Fin. Serv. As a check request and depositClick Here
FND100Foundation OverviewThis session touches on all aspects of the Foundation Office of Business & Financial Services: BANNER, COMPASS, etc.Click Here
FND600Foundation Scholarship ApplicationScholarship training: How many, how much, how to? One place for lists, balances, earnings,purpose and restrictions, Great for Fund AdminsClick Here
FND400Foundations EBA (Educational Business Activity) TrainingThis workshop will discuss the EBA form, auctions, qualified sponsorships, etc. This is an excellent training for all university community members involved with fundraising eventsClick Here
TBAFundamentals of SupervisionThe Fundamentals of Supervision Certificate Program is designed for new and potential supervisors at USF, and experienced supervisors looking to refresh their basic management skills and knowledge.Click Here
GEMALTGEMS ALT Leave CoordinatorThis workshop is meant for coordinators who need to learn to track leave, approve leave requests on behalf of the manager, monitor adjustments, or run reports and queries.Click Here
GEM201GEMS Appointments RefresherThis online workshop is a refresher for anyone working with Appointments in GEMS.Click Here
GEM200GEMS Appointments TrainingGEMS Basic is a pre-requisite for this workshop. Learn to understand employee records, create an appointment status form, and view changes through Job Data.Click Here
GEM100GEMS BasicOnline training. Provides an overview of GEMS, and explains user roles, navigation techniques, and the Job Data section.Click Here
GEM400GEMS Pay DistributionOnline 15 minute training covers overview of GEMS pay distribution process.Click Here
GEM302GEMS Reports & Queries OnlineThis online workshop is for anyone working with reports and queries in GEMS.Click Here
GEMSSOGEMS Self Service OverviewOnline video training on using GEMS Self Service including how to access GEMS through the portal, view your paycheck, change the direct deposit, update your W-4, or your home address.Click Here
GEMSSAGEMS: Leave Request for EmployeesOnline training for employees - leave overview and how to use GEMS Self Service to request leave.Click Here
GEMSSMGEMS: Managers Attendance and LeaveOnline training for supervisors. Overview of Leave at USF and how to use GEMS Self Service to request leave for yourself and to approve your employees' leave requests.Click Here
FST200General LedgerThis program will include hands-on exercises of looking up budget, expenses, and revenue using chart fields and journal ID's.Click Here
DIV116Generational DiversityUnderstanding generational differences in the workplaceClick Here
HRPRCHow to Certify PayrollThis interactive, online training will demonstrate the steps and guidelines for certifying payroll using USF's online payroll certification system.Click Here
HRBEN3How to Enroll in USF BenefitsThis online tutorial shows you how to use the online People First system to enroll in your USF benefits.Click Here
HRPRPHow to Prepare PayrollThis interactive, online training will demonstrate the steps and guidelines for preparing payroll using USF's online payroll certification systemClick Here
IFISBIFIS Beginner WorkshopThis F&A Cost Study can have a multi-million dollar impact on the revenues to USF. Preparation for this audit requires the collection of information related to space and it's usage.Click Here
IFISRIFIS Refresher WorkshopThis workshops performs as a refresher course for personnel who already have knowledge and experience with the IFIS system.Click Here
FST106Independent ContractorsThis course will guide the employee on how to do business with independent contractorsClick Here
BPC112Inside the Admin Role for StudentsAttendees will learn the new procedure for recruiting student employeesClick Here
PRC202Leadership: Theory to Actionthe basics of leadership and management. Theories of effective management are shared, goal setting and execution practices are discussedClick Here
SE303Leading Through ServiceThrough this workshop, employees at all levels learn leadership and empowerment concepts.Click Here
PRC200Managing At USFOrients managers and supervisors new to USF and introduces new managers to functions unique to USF. The program has both a classroom and an online component.Click Here
DIV124Managing Diversity: Tools for ManagersThis workshop looks into the presence of schemas and stereotypes and how they distort workplace and social interactions.Click Here
OPR100Managing FinancesParticipants will learn the fundamental principles and practices essential to effectively managing departmental finances.Click Here
PRC204Managing TransitionsIn the face of change, an individual must transition to the new circumstance or situation. Participants will gain an understanding of the dynamics of change and learn usable strategies.Click Here
DIV114Multicultural CommunicationWorkshop to discuss the importance of culture in interpersonal communicationClick Here
HRWEBNavigating USF's HR WebsiteHR offers a lot of services to employees and managers. Find out how to take advantage of these services by watching this four minute online tutorial.Click Here
SE300Next Level Service ExcellenceThe next level service excellence series is a five part series.Click Here
OASCLSOASIS Class ScheduleContent will also include training on how to use the Class Scheduling Workspace to run web reports needed for their college/department.Click Here
OASFEROASIS FERPA TutorialThe tutorial is to educate faculty and staff on the rights afforded to students concerning the protection and release of their student records. This is required for access to the BANNER database.Click Here
OASHLDOASIS HoldsThis hands-on workshop will teach staff how to apply and delete administrative holds on a student's record in OASIS as well as process for overriding holds will allow a student to register.Click Here
OASNAVOASIS NavigationThis online tutorial is intended to be the first contact with the OASIS system for all University faculty and staff.Click Here
OASPRTOASIS PermittingThis is a hands-on workshop to teach staff the skills to effectively provide students with course permits and overrides to allow students to register into restricted sessions via OASISClick Here
OASREGOASIS RegistrationThis hands-on workshop will introduce USF faculty and staff to the skills and knowledge necessary to efficiently register students, meet student administrative needs and research enrollment issues.Click Here
CMPOT1Outlook 2010 IntermediateOutlook's functions help manage time & work more efficiently. Generate emails & organize them; use the calendar to schedule meetings & view availability; organize tasks by categories & assign tasksClick Here
FSTPCHP-Card Holder CertificationP-Card holders must complete this online training and certification exam before being issued a P-Card. It covers the USF and State rules and procedures regarding purchasing and travel.Click Here
FST102P-Card ReconciliationPcard reconcilers with existing FAST access will learn how to process Pcard transactions in FAST.Click Here
BPC102Performance Evaluation ProceduresThis online training will guide you through the performance evaluation procedures.Click Here
TAL202Performance FeedbackThis workshop will be conducted in a lab format whereby participants will have the opportunity to practice skillsClick Here
TAL202Performance Feedback IIParticipants learn methods to influence performance by applying negative & positive consequences.Click Here
PRC203Performance ManagementThis workshop introduces participants to a process and skills for communicating with employees about performance and to communication strategies for having these conversations.Click Here
BPC101Problem Behavior at WorkThis workshop addresses how to effectively deal with employee behavioral issues; it highlights the role of managers and expectations of employees and outlines the Staff progressive discipline process.Click Here
PRC104Process Improvement This module presents the systematic steps to identify opportunities for improvement, develop, implement and monitor solutions that improve outcomes.Click Here
FST100Purchasing Hands-OnDuring this training, participants will learn how to create different types of requisitions, send them through workflow, and how to receive goods after the requisitions become Purchase Orders.Click Here
FST175ReconciliationThe program will discuss concepts, methods and guidelines for reconciliation of financial records in dept, colleges, and units.Click Here
FST107Requisitions, Receiving + PRF'sThis course will guide the employee to better understanding of policies, property and regulations in FASTClick Here
PRC201Role of the ManagerThis workshop is the introductory module in the Management Development Certificate Program. In this module, participants will learn the responsibilities and expectations of managers at USF.Click Here
PRC100Running Productive MeetingsTopics include techniques for creating and using agendas effectively, key roles to be played by meeting participants and skills for involving participants and facilitating discussions.Click Here
DIV118Schemas and Stereotypes: We All Have Them!This workshop looks into the presence of schemas and stereo-types and how they distort workplace and social interactions.Click Here
SE@USFSE@USF Supervisors' WorkshopLearn strategies for promoting student success through on-campus employmentClick Here
SE100Service Excellence CertificateThis course reflects the completion of the five part series.Click Here
SE400Service Excellence for ManagersServing our students, staff, faculty and community members is the heart of USF's strategic plan. The Service Excellence workshop establishes a frame work for measuring service effectiveness.Click Here
SE305Service in ActionIn this 3 hour workshop, participants evaluate their expertise in different areas of service.Click Here
SE104Service Problem SolvingLearn how to brainstorm fresh solutions, view obstacles differently, and effectively use a step-by-step process to achieve greater results.Click Here
SE302Service Process ImprovementUse business process improvement techniques to uncover your real service excellence potentialClick Here
SE105Serving the Upset CustomerSharing of best practices to defuse customers will be discussed as well as the ability to reduce our own stress level when the interaction gets heated.Click Here
DIV103Sexual Harassment AwarenessParticipants will learn to define sexual harassment, assess its impact on productivity and morale, and analyze liability and responsibility.Click Here
DIV122Teaching in a Global ClassroomLearn to recognize and utilize the diversity of your students, infuse diversity throughout the curriculum and explore and value different perspectives and experiences.Click Here
TAL205Team Development ExerciseUnderstand how your responsibilities are interdependent with your teammates. Realize the importance of continual communication within the team.Click Here
SE102Telephone Service SkillsEvery phone call should be handled with tact, efficiency and good will. In this workshop, participants share their best practices for outstanding telephone services skills.Click Here
DIV113The Value of DiversityWorkshop to discuss importance of diversity in all formsClick Here
PRC101Time ManagementManaging time effectively is critical to success in all professional roles. Participants will learn to evaluate priorities, eliminate time-waster and effectively organize and sequence work tasks.Click Here
TRN400Trainer's Design WorkshopIn this workshop, participants learn to define learning objectives and design training sessions that effectively balance presentation, interaction,discussion, practice exercises, and other activities.Click Here
TRN300Trainer's Facilitation WorkshopParticipants in this workshop will learn to facilitate discussion and interaction, how to manage the focus and flow of group discussion, and how to balance the conversation.Click Here
TRN200Trainer's Presentation SkillsParticipants will work on enhancing presentation delivery skills, increasing their comfort and confidence in presenting and learn to present ideas in a well-organized and engaging manner.Click Here
FSTTR2Travel Rules & RequirementsThis program will provide information, instruction and guidance regarding current USF travel rules, requirements and procedures.Click Here
FSTTR1Travel SubmissionTravel: Learn to update travel profiles, create and submit authorizations and expense reports. Must have FASTID with travel security role. Can't use PortalClick Here
TAL101Understanding Work StylesPeople approach work differently. We have different preferences regarding how we process information, communicate with others, organize our work, and approach problems.Click Here
DIV150USF Disability & AccommodationThis online tutorial provides information on disability awareness and etiquette and how to handle a request for accommodations.Click Here
FST250USF Finance MartFinance Mart is the official reporting tool for the USF financial system. These reports are designed for reconciliation, reporting to management, and downloading to spreadsheets for customization.Click Here
FND550USF Foundation Endowed Chair Budgets TrainingThis new training will walk you through the process of completing the individualized budget formsClick Here
HRINSRUSF Insurance OverviewLearn about the USF insurance benefits available by viewing this online tutorial.Click Here
NetIDUSF Net ID - How to Create and UseOnline - The USF Net ID is your access to most of the systems we use every day. Learn how to create and use your Net ID in this four minute online tutorial.Click Here
HRRETUSF Retirement OverviewLearn about the USF retirement benefits available by viewing this online tutorialClick Here
LDR126USF Vision & MissionLearn how to align departmental objectives with USF's Vision and MissionClick Here
USF101USF101 - USF DepartmentsWho do you call at USF when you have questions? This online training provides an overview of USF's departments.Click Here
W2USFWelcome to USF: New Employee Orientation2-Day orientation for New Employees at USFClick Here
PRC207Workplace CommunicationTopics include tools and techniques for maximizing clarity and minimizing misunderstandings and common barriers to listening and strategies for overcoming these barriers.Click Here
PRC101Workplace-DynamicsGain a clear understanding by looking at other people objectively and non-judgmentally through the different Generational Groups.Click Here
BBL119Writing Effective EmailsUSF Employees needing to write emails on a regular basis.Click Here