Computer & Business Systems - GEMS Appointments Refresher

GEMS Appointments Refresher

Type: Online

Intended Audience: Any USF employee who has completed the GEMS Appointments classroom training but wants/needs a refresher on the steps involved.

Program Overview: GEMS Appointments will cover:

  • First Steps - what to do before generating an Appointment Status Form (ASF)
  • Creating an ASF - step by step
  • Last steps - what to do after generating an ASF
  • Resources - where to go for more information

Agenda: This online training will take you through the steps needed to plan for, generate and submit an Appointment Status Form.

Instructor: online

Additional Resources: GEMS Basic online training

Materials Needed:


This training is online.

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Enrollment is through GEMS Self Service.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to register.

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