Computer & Business Systems - GEMS Appointments

GEMS Appointments (GEM200)

Type: Instructor Led/Computer Lab

Intended Audience: Any USF employee whose duties include generating Appointment Status Forms in GEMS

Program Overview: GEMS Appointments will cover:

Creating an Appointment Status Form for appointment changes
Viewing Job Data and Position Data to verify changes
Understanding employee records

Objectives: After completing this class, employees will be able to generate an appointment status form in GEMS using the appropriate job codes with related salary plan and comp frequency codes. They will be able to research to verify an employee's status and will know when to create an appointment change and when to create a concurrent job.


Resources - HR Right Start
Review of hiring and Salary Delegation rules
Research in Job Data
Steps to generate an appointment
Verify input in Job Data

Pre-Requisite Activities: Completion of GEMS Basic Online training and the associated test is required before registering for this class.

Instructor: Pat Geisler

Additional Resources: Salary Calculator to figure semester appointments

Materials Needed:

Location of Workshop:

Student Services Building,

Room SVC2068


Please visit GEMS Self Service to see times and dates for this training.

Navigation is Self Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment

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Enrollment is through GEMS Self Service.
Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to register.

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