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Performance Management FAQ's

Why does the University have a Performance Management program?

The University of South Florida has defined its mission, goals and strategies to be a premier national research university that serves the metropolitan Tampa Bay Region, Florida, and the nation. Our staff and faculty at USF is our greatest asset for fulfilling our mission and achieving our strategic plan. Therefore it is essential tat we develop the capabilities of our staff, and help them accomplish their work. We believe organizational and individual performance is enhanced when goals are clear, and when there is open and frequent feedback about performance and success.

USF's Performance Management program provides a framework for regular communication, setting clear goals and expectations, and providing feedback on performance and development. It is every manager's responsibility to ensure that those under their leadership know what is expected of them, receive regular coaching and feedback, and are acknowledged for accomplishing good work. The Performance Management program is an important part of this leadership process at USF.


Where can I get information about USF's strategic plan?

Click here for the USF Strategic Plan.

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As a manager, what does this program mean to me?

Performance coaching is an important part of your job. It is your responsibility to set the goals and expectations for your area, linking them with department, division, college, campus and university goals and strategies. The Performance Management program is designed to provide you with tools and training to communicate about performance with the employees who report to you. It is expected that you will do a formal written review with each employee reporting to you at least annually. However, you should be coaching your staff and communicating about performance on a regular basis.

To help with this task, the Quick Links on the right provide forms for the annual written review and optional Quarterly Performance Check-Ins. The Employee Relations website (see Quick Links to right) provides Staff performance management policies and procedures as well.


Is there formal policy guidance on performance reviews?

Yes. There is specific guidance on the timing and requirements for Performance Management on the Employee Relations website within the Human Resources website. Familiarize yourself with these policies and procedures before beginning the Performance Management process. Read about the Staff Performance Management process on the Employee Relations website.

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Who is responsible for the Performance Management program?

The Performance Management program, and related procedural matters, is the responsibility of the Division of Human Resources. Within Human Resources, the Employee Relations (ER) section is responsible for administration of the policies and procedures related to performance management and review. HR Organizational Development provides training and information through the Performance Management website, and through training programs on Giving & Receiving Performance Feedback, Effective Employee Coaching, and Workplace Communications. HR Organizational Development also offers a brief overview presentation (about two hours in length) for departments and open audiences on the Performance Management & Evaluation process.


Where can I find the forms?

Forms are located on the Division of Human Resources website. Select the approriate form from the Quick Links.


When do forms have to be completed?

Every Administration and Staff employee at USF should receive a written review of performance and goals annually. The timing of the annual review is determined by the college or division and reported to Human Resources. For the Staff performance reviews, please refer to the Employee Relations website for performance management policies and procedures.

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Who completes the paperwork?

Immediate managers generally complete the paperwork and conduct the review discussions with the employees they supervise.


Who sees the completed paperwork and where does it end up?

Your manager completes the paperwork. Depending upon your departmental requirements, it may also be reviewed by the next level of management. Once the review has been completed, it will be sent to Human Resources for processing.


What is I don't agree with my manager about my performance?

The form for the annual performance review provides an opportunity for employees to make comments about the review. In the case of significant disagreement, the matter should be discussed with the next level of management.

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What role does the Job Class Description play in the process?

The Job Class Description is the place for the manager to start in defining the standards and expectations for the performance period. Because goals change over time, even though basic functions of the job may not change, the Job Class Description is just a starting point for the goal setting process.


As an employee, where can I find training or development workshops to help me?

Information on all training and development courses available to staff is available on the HR Organizational Development website.