HR Procedures

HR Procedures is a list of specific process topics in HR that link to documents with detailed procedures. Descriptions and contact information have been provided for each link. All fields are searchable by keyword, please see instructions under Advanced Search for more information.

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Topic Description Contact
A&L - Accrual of Leave HoursAccrual of Leave HoursHR
A&L - Administrative LeaveAdministrative LeaveHR
A&L - ALT Audits of Leave Records & InstructionsALT Leave AuditsHR
A&L - Annual LeaveAnnual LeaveHR
A&L - Annual Leave (Philosophy)Annual Leave PhilosophyHR
A&L - Attendance and Leave RosterAttendance and Leave RosterHR
A&L - Audit ProceduresEducate leave coordinators on how to execute the business processes as they apply to leave audits and timesheetsHR
A&L - Cashing Out Unused LeaveCashing-Out Unused Leave BalancesHR
A&L - Committees, Taskforces and Elected BodiesHours of work: Committees, TaskForce and Elected BodiesHR
A&L - Compensatory Leave HoursCompensatory Leave HoursHR
A&L - Completion of Leave DocumentsCompletion of Leave DocumentsHR
A&L - Compulsory Disability LeaveCompulsory Disability LeaveHR
A&L - Death of Family MemberDeath of Family MemberHR
A&L - Delegation of AuthorityAttendance and leave program is delegated to the individual colleges and divisions and may be further delegated at the discretion of the dean or director.HR
A&L - Emergency Closing - INFOEmergency Closing - INFOHR
A&L - Guide for EmployeesGuide for EmployeesHR
A&L - Guide for Leave CoordinatorsGuide for Leave CoordinatorsHR
A&L - Guide for SupervisorsGuide for SupervisorsHR
A&L - Guidelines for Nursing MothersGuidelines for Nursing MothersHR
A&L - Holiday HoursHoliday HoursHR
A&L - Holidays (Religious)Religious HolidaysHR
A&L - How to Run Year End ReportHow to Run Year End ReportHR
A&L - Job Related Disability LeaveJob Related Disability LeaveHR
A&L - Medical-RelatedMedical RelatedHR
A&L - Military LeaveMilitary LeaveHR
A&L - Non-Standard Work WeekNon-Standard Work Week (Staff only)HR
A&L - Non-Standard Workweek (Staff)Hours of work for non-standard workweek (staff)HR
A&L - Other (Leave of Absences) Approval ConsiderationsOther types of LeaveHR
A&L - Overtime (Calculating Overtime Compensation)Overtime pay situationsHR
A&L - Overtime, Compensatory Leave Hours and HolidayOvertime, Compensatory Leave Hours and Work on a HolidayHR
A&L - Parental Leave - FacultyParental Leave ProcedureHR
A&L - Parental Leave - Faculty (FAQ)Parental Leave - FAQHR
A&L - Parental Leave - Faculty (Guidelines)Parental Leave - GuidelinesHR
A&L - Parental Leave - Faculty (Map)Parental Leave - MAPHR
A&L - Parental Leave - Faculty (Request)Parental Leave - RequestHR
A&L - Payment for Sick BalancesCashing Out Payment for sick Leave BalancesHR
A&L - Personal Holiday (Staff)Information on Staff Personal Holiday (fiscal year)HR
A&L - Process Compulsory Disability LeaveProcess Compulsory Disability LeaveHR
A&L - Professional Development LeaveProfessional Development Leave (key concepts)HR
A&L - Record KeepingRecord Keeping (instructions on how to handle official records)HR
A&L - Responsbilities of the EmployeesResponsbilities of the Employees Organizational Unit When Approving/Denying a Request for a Leave of AbsenceHR
A&L - Responsibilities of Leave CoordinatorResponsibilities of the Department Leave Coordinator Departmental Leave CoordinatorHR
A&L - Responsibilities of SupervisorResponsibilities of the Supervisor for Attendance & LeaveHR
A&L - Security of Employee Medical InformationSecurity of Employee Medical Information. Required by ADA, FMLA and Florida law.HR
A&L - Sick LeaveUsing Sick Leave (requesting and approving)HR
A&L - Sick LeaveSick LeaveHR
A&L - Sick Leave Pool GuidelinesSick Leave Pool Guidelines for Leave CoordinatorsHR
A&L - Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment Instructions2013 Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment InstructionsHR
A&L - Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment Notice2013 Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment NoticeHR
A&L - Sick Leave Pool ProceduresSick Leave Pool Procedures to keep employees on paid statusHR
A&L - Timesheet ExamplesTracking leave on timesheetHR
Advocacy ProgramVictims' Assistance ProgramSA
Benefits - Appointment Changes and Impact on BenefitsAppointment changes that Impact on BenefitsHR
Benefits - Deferred Compensation / 457 Contact ListProvider contact listing for the Deferred Compensation / 457 planHR
Benefits - Domestic Partnership Health Stipend FAQFrequently Asked Questions about the Domestic Partnership Health Insurance StipendHR
Benefits - Domestic Partnership Health Stipend Program GuidelinesGuidelines for applying for the Domestic Partner Stipend ProgramHR
Benefits - EligibilityInformation regarding who is eligible for BenefitsHR
Benefits - Employee Tuition Program FAQsFrequently Asked Questions on utilizing the Employee Tuition ProgramHR
Benefits - Employee Tuition Program ProceduresProcedures for applying for the Employee Tuition ProgramHR
Benefits - Enrollment Change InformationInformation on how to make enrollment changes (People First)HR
Benefits - FMLA DefinitionsFMLA DefinitionsHR
Benefits - FMLA Department InformationFMLA Department Information (what managers and supervisors need to know)HR
Benefits - FMLA Employees Rights and Responsibilities - EnglishFMLA Employees Rights and Responsibilities Poster - EnglishHR
Benefits - FMLA Employees Rights and Responsibilities - SpanishBenefits - FMLA Employees Rights and Responsibilities - SpanishHR
Benefits - FMLA Information for EmployeesFMLA Information for Employees (providing notice, documenting and use of leave, benefits, and return to work)HR
Benefits - Graduate Assistant FAQMedical Insurance (Graduate Assistant) Frequently Asked QuestionsHR
Benefits - Insurance (People First) FAQMedical Insurance Frequently Asked QuestionsHR
Benefits - Insurance (Qualifying Status Change)Insurance Benefit changes (Qualified Status Changes) may be made only during the annual open enrollment period. Certain changes may be made if you have a qualifying status change event.HR
Benefits - IRS Retirement Contribution LimitsIRS Retirement Contribution LimitsHR
Benefits - Optional Retirement ProvidersOptional Retirement Program Providers ContactsHR
Benefits - OverviewOverview of BenefitsHR
Benefits - Postdoctoral Scholar Employee GuideEmployee Guide to benefits offered to Postdoctoral ScholarsHR
Benefits - Postdoctoral Scholars Benefit Program FAQFrequently Asked Questions on the Postdoctoral Scholars Benefit ProgramHR
Benefits - Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) / 403(b) ListProvider contact listing the TSA / 403(b) planHR
Benefits - Temporary Employee Retirement Program (TERP) FAQFrequently Asked Questions about TERPHR
Benefits - USF Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) / 403(b) Loan or Hardship WithdrawalProcedure steps to take a Loan or Hardship Withdrawal on a USF TSA / 405(b)HR
Benefits - USF Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) / 403(b) Plan DocumentThe Plan Document gives the rules and regulations to the USF TSA / 403(b) planHR
Benefits - Worker's Compensation - FAQFrequently Asked Questions on Worker's CompensationHR
Class & Comp - Centrally Administered Pay IncreasesCentrally Administered Pay Increases (Legislatively-Mandated and Collective Bargaining-Mandated)HR
Class & Comp - Determining Appropriate Salary LevelsDetermining Appropriate Salary Levels (Labor and External Market, Internal Equity and Person-Related Factors)HR
Class & Comp - New Hire SalariesNew Hire Salaries (In association with the establishment of a new position, the pay band assignment of the job classification determines the maximum and minimum salary for an employee)HR
Class & Comp - Non Recurring Compensation (NRC)Non-Recurring Compensation GuidelinesHR
Class & Comp - Non Recurring Compensation (NRC) FAQNon-Recurring Compensation FAQHR
Class & Comp - On Call Pay ProcessOn call status is defined as any time a Staff employee is instructed in writing by management to remain available to work during an off-duty period.HR
Class & Comp - One-Time Pay for PerformanceOne-Time Pay for Performance (Legislatively-Mandated, USF Administered, and Collective Bargaining Bonuses)HR
Class & Comp - Pay for PeformancePay for Performance (Increase to Base Pay)HR
Class & Comp - Pay for Special AssignmentsPay for Special AssignmentsHR
Class & Comp - Position Description (Sample)Position Description (Sample)HR
Class & Comp - Promotional SalariesPromotional Salaries (Staff or Administration employees that are promoted, moves in a particular classification, salary range or increased responsbilities)HR
Class & Comp - Retroactive Pay ProcessRetroactive Pay Process (An increase in compensation resulting from the exercise of discretionary administrative authority)HR
Class & Comp - Salary Delegation Authority SummarySalary Delegation Authority Summary (Administration Employee)HR
Class & Comp - Salary Delegation Authority SummarySalary Delegation Authority Summary (Staff Employee)HR
Class & Comp - Salary Delegation Authority SummarySalary Delegation Authority Summary (Temporary Employee)HR
Class & Comp - Special Pay IncreaseSpecial Pay Increase (Salary increases which are not due to new hires, promotions, or mandated raise)HR
EmplCtr - Annual Evaluation DatesAnnual Evaluation Dates (common evaluation dates for departments)HR
EmplCtr - Appointments (Administration)Appointments (things to know about Adminitration appointments)HR
EmplCtr - Appointments (common changes)Appointments (common changes: Concurrent, Job Change, Salary Rate Change, Semester Change, Supersede, and Terminations)HR
EmplCtr - Appointments (Faculty)Appointments (things to know about Faculty appointments)HR
EmplCtr - Appointments (Foreign Nationals)Appointments (things to know about Foreign Nationals appointments)HR
EmplCtr - Appointments (Graduate Assistant)Appointments (things to know about Graduate Assistant appointments)HR
EmplCtr - Appointments (Staff)Appointments (things to know about Staff appointments)HR
EmplCtr - Appointments (Student)Appointments (things to know about Student appointments)HR
EmplCtr - Appointments Modifiers & DecriptionsAppointments Modifiers & Descriptions (Administration, Faculty, Staff, and Temporary)HR
EmplCtr - Expired Documents & Employees (changed immigration status)Expired Documents & Employees Who Have Changed Immigratin StatusHR
EmplCtr - Faculty Admin CodesFaculty Admin CodesHR
EmplCtr - Faculty Summer FTE CalculationsFaculty Summer FTE (Full-Time Equivalent calculations)HR
EmplCtr - Foreign National TrainingForeign National TrainingHR
EmplCtr - FTE & Standard Hours Conversion ChartFTE (Full Time Equivalent) & Standard Hours Conversion ChartHR
EmplCtr - GEMS Appointments User GuideUser guide for creating Appointment Status Forms (ASFs) in GEMS.HR
EmplCtr - Important Documents, Terms and ProceduresImportant Documents, Terms and Procedures (Foreign Nationals)HR
EmplCtr - Instructions for Completing the Faculty Out of Cycle Compensation FormInstructions for completing the FOCC formHR
EmplCtr - New HiresNew Hires and RightStart at USF (Foreign Nationals)HR
EmplCtr - Performance Evaluation (Administration)Performance Evaluation (Administration)HR
EmplCtr - Performance Evaluation (Staff)Performance Evaluation (Staff)HR
EmplCtr - RightStartRightStart (things to know about RightStart)HR
EmplCtr - Temporary (Formerly OPS) Employment GuidelinesGuidelines for the employment of temporary (formerly OPS) employeesHR
Employee Tuition ProgramETP Employee Tuition ProgramHR
ER - Alcohol/Drug TestingAlcohol/Drug Testing for Jobs Requiring CDLHR
ER - Alcohol/Drug Testing DefinitionsAlcohol/Drug Testing for Jobs Requiring CDL DefinitionsHR
ER - Alcohol/Drug Testing Summary of Program ResponsbilitiesAlcohol/Drug Testing Summary of Program Responsbilities (Employee, Supervisor, Dean/Director/Designee, HR)HR
ER - Complaint/Grievance Process (Non-Faculty)Complaint/Grievance ProcessHR
ER - Discipline (Staff Employees)Discipline for Staff EmployeesHR
ER - Equal Employment Opportunity PosterEqual Opportunity PosterHR
ER - Exit Process and Exit InterviewsExit Process and Exit InterviewHR
ER - Fair Labor Standards ActFLSA - Fair Labor Standards Act (Employee Rights under FLSA)HR
ER - Florida Child Labor LawsChild Labor Laws (The State of Florida and the FLSA)HR
ER - Florida Law Prohibits Discrimination PosterFlorida Law Prohibits Discrimination PosterHR
ER - Florida Unemployment CompensationFlorida Unemployment Compensation NoticeHR
ER - Health Risks Associated with Alcohol Abuse and Illicit DrugsHealth Risks Associated with Alcohol Abuse and the Use of Illicit DrugsHR
ER - How to Report Work-Related InjuryHow to Report a Work-Related Injury or IllnessHR
ER - Layoff & Reemployment ProcedureLayoff & Reemployment ProcedureHR
ER - Minimum Wage in FloridaMinimum Wage in FloridaHR
ER - Non-reappointment (Administration Employees)Non-reappointment of Administration EmployeesHR
ER - Performance Improvement PlanPerformance Improvement Plan (template)HR
ER - Performance Management - StaffPerformance Management -Staff EmployeesHR
ER - Probationary Employees ProceduresProbationary Employee Procedures (Staff Employees)HR
ER - Salario Minimo en FloridaSalario Minimo em Florida (Florida Minimum Wage in Spanish)HR
ER - SMART Performance Standards, Expectations and GoalsSMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Reachable and Time-bounded) Performance Standards, Expectations and GoalsHR
ER - USF Progressive Steps for Disciplinary ActionUSF Progressive Steps for Disciplinary Action (used for administration of disciplinary actions for various types of misconduct when just cause has been established)HR
ER - Volunteer GuidelinesVolunteer Guidelines for hiring a volunter at USFHR
ER - Where to Get Help (Alcohol and/or Drugs)Where to Get Help (Alcohol and/or Drugs) Local phone numbers, web sites and addresses.HR
ER - Worker's CompensationER - Worker's Compensation (notice of compliance)HR
ER - Worker's Compensation FAQWorker's Compensation (Frequently Asked Questions)HR
ER - Working Drug-Free WorksER - Working Drug-Free Works (Poster)HR
ER - Your Rights Under USERRAUSERRA (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act)HR
Fair Labor Standards ActFair Labor Standards ActHR
New Employee - Net ID/GEMS Printable GuideInstructions for new employees to create a NetID, set up a GEMS Self Service password to set up direct deposit, W-4 tax withholding and update home address.TM
New Employee - Net ID/GEMS TutorialInstructions for new employees to create a NetID, set up a GEMS Self Service password to set up direct deposit, W-4 tax withholding and update home address.TM
Payroll - Cell Phone Allowance RequestsRequest a cell phone allowanceHR
Payroll - Changing Name or AddressChanging Name or Address using GEMS Self ServiceHR
Payroll - Claiming Exemption W-4Claiming Exemption on W-4HR
Payroll - Combination CodeCombination Code (part of the pay distribution process)HR
Payroll - Compensatory Leave PayoutCompensatory Leave PayoutHR
Payroll - Criminal Justice Incentive PayCriminal Justice Incentive PayHR
Payroll - Final Payment for Deceased EmployeeFinal Payment for Deceased EmployeeHR
Payroll - GEMS Bi-weekly ScheduleGEMS Bi-weekly ScheduleHR
Payroll - GEMS Self ServiceGEMS Self ServiceHR
Payroll - GEMS Self Service Paycheck Printing InstructionsInstructions for printing paycheck from GEMS Self ServiceHR
Payroll - Guide for NRA's Completing IRS Form W-4Guide for NRA's Completing IRS Form W-4HR
Payroll - How Pay Distribution WorksHow Pay Distribution WorksHR
Payroll - Instructions for Using the Payroll Certification Adjustment FormInstructions for Using the Payroll Certification Adjustment FormHR
Payroll - Instructions on Electronic Submission of RETsInstructions on Electronic Submission of RETsHR
Payroll - Leave Payout Operating ProceduresLeave Payout Operating ProceduresHR
Payroll - Nine Month Faculty Annualized Pay OptionNine Month Faculty Annualized pay OptionHR
Payroll - Non-resident Alien Federal Withholding RequirementsNon-resident Alien Federal Withholding RequirementsHR
Payroll - On Demand ChecksOn Demand ChecksHR
Payroll - Pay to NRAPay to NRA (Non-Resident Alien)HR
Payroll - Paycheck DistributionPaycheck Distribution NumberHR
Payroll - Paycheck Distribution CalculationsPaycheck Distribution CalculationsHR
Payroll - Paycheck Pick-upPaycheck Pick-upHR
Payroll - Payment of Unused Annual LeavePayment of Unused Annual LeaveHR
Payroll - Payment of Unused Sick LeavePayment of Unused Sick LeaveHR
Payroll - Payment of Unused Special Compensatory LeavePayment of Unused Special Compensatory LeaveHR
Payroll - Payroll Certification ProcessPayroll Certification ProcessHR
Payroll - Replacing PaycheckReplacing a Lost or Stolen PaycheckHR
Payroll - RET (Retroactive Expenditure Transfer)Payroll- RET (Retroactive Expenditure Transfer)HR
Payroll - RET (Retroactive Expenditure Transfer)Payroll- RET (Retroactive Expenditure Transfer)HR
Payroll - RSA CheckRSA (Remaining Spending Authority) CheckHR
Payroll - Savings BondsSavings BondsHR
Payroll - Student FICA FAQStudent FICA (Frequently Asked Questions About Student FICA Guidelines)HR
Payroll - Student FICA GuidelinesStudent FICA (Guidelines)HR
Payroll - Student FICA Tax Exemption ProcedureStudent FICA Tax Exemption ProcedureHR
Payroll - Underpaid PaycheckUnderpaid PaycheckHR
Payroll - USF Pay Period Calendar in ExcelPayroll - USF Pay Period CalendarHR
Payroll - USF Pay Period Calendar in PDFPayroll - USF Pay Period CalendarHR
Payroll - What is FICAWhat is FICA (Federal Insurance Contribution Act)HR
Payroll- Retroactive PaymentPayroll- Retroactive PaymentHR
Recruit - Applicant Quick Start GuideCareers@USF Applicant Quick Start GuideHR
Recruit - Assessing Education and Past Work ExperienceThis form will assist you with assessing an applicant's education and past working experience when determining if they meet the minimum qualifications for a job.HR
Recruit - Background Check (FAQ's)Criminal History Background CheckHR
Recruit - Background Check ProcedureCriminal History Background CheckHR
Recruit - Careers Recruiting Training GuideUser guide for recruiting in GEMSTM
Recruit - Faculty GuidelinesFaculty GuidelinesHR
Recruit - FingerprintingCriminal History Background CheckHR
Recruit - Hiring Freeze and Personnel Actions GuidelinesHiring and Personnel Actions GuidelinesHR
Recruit - Hiring Procedures for Internal HiresInternal Hiring ProcedureHR
Recruit - How to Determine Veteran's Preference at USFGuide to Assist a hiring manager in determining whether a job applicant has successfully claimed veteran's preference for a USF job postingHR
Recruit - How to Review Applicants as Interviewer or Search CommitteeQuick guide on accessing applicants for a specific job openingTM
Recruit - Maintain Positions GuideUser guide to maintaining positions in GEMSHR
Recruit - RightSearch 01 PhilosophyRightSearch PhilosophyHR
Recruit - RightSearch 02 Preparing for RecruitingRightSearch Preparing for RecruitingHR
Recruit - RightSearch 03 Posting the VacancyRightSearch Posting the VacancyHR
Recruit - RightSearch 04 Posting Position Internal RecruitmentRightSearch Posting Position Internal RecruitmentHR
Recruit - RightSearch 05 Advertising VacancyRightSearch Advertising VacancyHR
Recruit - RightSearch 06 Assessing Applicant PoolRightSearch Assessing Applicant PoolHR
Recruit - RightSearch 07 Reviewing Application/ResumesRightSearch Reviewing Applications/ResumesHR
Recruit - RightSearch 08 Interview and Selection ProcessRightSearch Interview and Selection ProcessHR
Recruit - RightSearch 09 ApprovalsRightSearch ApprovalsHR
Recruit - RightSearch 10 Making an OfferRightSearch Making an OfferHR
Recruit - RightSearch 11 Retention RecordsRightSearch Retension RecordsHR
Recruit - Roles and Responsbilities (Hiring and Recruitment)Assist hiring authorities in the recruitment and selection processes.HR
Recruit - Summer Program Background Check FAQsBackground Check SummerHR
Recruit - Summer Program Background Check ProceduresBackground Check SummerHR
Telecommuting Processes - Approval ProceduresApproving a Telecommuting ArrangementHR
Training - GEMS Self Service Overview tutorialShort video tutorial on using GEMS Self Service for employeesHR
Training - How do I register for a program?How do I register for a program using GEMS Self ServiceTM
Training - What types of programs are available?What types of programs are available through Talent ManagementTM
Training - Who does training at the University?Who does training at the University and What services are available to your department. (Talent Management)TM