Leave Accrual & Use

USF offers generous leave benefits to its benefits-eligible employees. Each employee appointed to an established position accrues annual and sick leave hours at the end of each pay period. Accrual for part-time employees is prorated based on the appointed FTE, and all leave accruals are based on the number of hours the employee is in a pay status during the pay period.

During a leave of absence with pay, employees continue to accrue annual and/or sick leave.

If an employee uses accrued leave during any leave of absence and he/she is a member of the:

  • Florida Retirement System (FRS), creditable service is awarded the employee for each month that he/she is in a pay status, regardless of the amount of gross pay received, or

  • Optional Retirement Program (ORP), the employee's annuity account receives contributions based on a percentage of gross pay.

When an employee is off work due to a work-related injury or illness, (s)he will continue to accrue annual and sick leave hours at the rate accrued prior to the incident, whether or not the wage loss payments are supplemented by the use of accrued leave.


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