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The Gabor Agency offers a variety of life insurance policies to USF employees. The plans may be used to supplement other insurance policies, and insurance may be purchased for an employee's spouse and dependents. The premium cost varies based on the policy, amount of coverage and age of the insured. To enroll in one of these plans, please contact a representative from the Gabor Agency(see FIND IT).

Group Term Life Insurance is a low cost life insurance policy with coverage that does not decrease with age as long as employment continues and premiums are paid. This policy is offered Guaranteed Issue with no medical exam required during the first 60 days of employment or during periodic open enrollments up to four times annual salary with a maximum limit of $200,000. Employee spouses are also eligible for guaranteed coverage up to $50,000 if payroll deducted. Group Term Life Insurance is portable, so if you leave your job or retire, you can take your policy with you. Underwritten by Standard Insurance Company.

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Universal Life Extra Insurance is a flexible premium life insurance policy that is guaranteed to stay in force throughout the life of the primary insured. The plan features Guaranteed Issue Coverage (no medical exam required) for eligible employees up to four times their salary, to a maximum of $250,000, and up to $25,000 for eligible spouses. The policy will not lapse, and premiums will never increase as long as target premiums are paid on time, no matter how low interest rates fall or how high the cost of insurance climbs. The coverage allows for the adjustment of the death benefit as a policy holder's needs (or budgets) change. Upon retirement or exiting employment, the policy is portable with no increase in rates. Underwritten by Symetra Life Insurance Company.


Participation is open to benefit-eligible employees with at least a 0.75 FTE appointment.


Eligible employees may enroll during their first 90 days of employment or during open enrollment periods for Gabor Life plans.

Level Term Life Insurance offered through Gabor is the least expensive form of life insurance available through USF. It features competitive pricing and predictable premiums. The coverage is customizable in terms of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years and has Advanced Access in case you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. This policy is fully portable; if you leave your job or retire, your policy goes with you with no increase in rates. Underwritten by Symetra Life Insurance Company.

Return of Premium Term Insurance is a fully guaranteed life insurance policy that will return every penny of premium paid, tax-free, if no death benefit is paid during the initial term. Premiums will never increase during your initial period. The policy is available in 20 or 30 year term periods, depending on age, and is fully portable. Underwritten by Symetra Life Insurance Company.

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