Leave of Absence

All leaves of absence, with or without pay, must be documented by the employee and, if approved, documented by the supervisor. Some types of absences may be approved at the supervisor's discretion while others are required to be granted. Approved absences may be flexible and arranged so that the employee can be in a non-pay, partial-pay, or full-pay status on one or more pay periods.

NOTE: Unauthorized absences result in the employee being ineligible to use accrued leave and impacts an employee's gross pay and accrual rate. Contact an Employee Relations representative in your HR Service Center for additional information.

Responsibilities When Approving/Denying a Request for a Leave of Absence

Leaves of Absence Approval Considerations

Leave of Absence Without Pay

Employees on extended unpaid leave of more than 30 days need to have their employment status changed to Leave of Absence Without Pay. An employee is not required to exhaust all accrued leave prior to being placed on a leave of absence without pay. However, the supervisor may deny a request that the leave of absence be without pay if the employee has accrued leave available, except when otherwise required by a specific leave provision (i.e. Administrative Leave, Military Leave, Foster Care Leave, Family and Medical Leave, Parental Leave and Paid Parental Leave for Faculty).

Benefits Impact of Partial\Unpaid Leave

As long as an employee is in full pay status, his/her benefits are not impacted. Earned or accrued leave may be used to remain in full pay status. A leave of absence without pay, however, will put the employee in total or partial non-pay status that may have an adverse impact on benefits coverage. For additional information, please see Benefits Impact - Leave of Absence With\Without Pay.

Leave of Absence Types

Leave of Absence Related to an Illness or Injury


Departmental Attendance & Leave Coordinator

Employee Relations

Security of Employee Medical Information

USF Regulations

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