The Optional Retirement Program (ORP) is available to Administration and Faculty. The full name of the program is State University System Optional Retirement Plan or SUSORP.  Employees appointed to a Faculty position in the College of Medicine are required to participate.

Note:  Enrollment in this plan must occur within 90 days from the date of hire. 

Description of the Plan
The ORP is a defined contribution plan sponsored by the State of Florida. It is not a matching plan. Participants are immediately vested in the plan. The amount of your benefit at retirement is determined by the contributions made to your account and the performance of your investment choices. You can find more information on the Optional Retirement Plan here.

The plan is funded through the following contributions:

Employer Funded Contribution:  5.14%
Employee Mandatory Contribution:  3.00%
Employee Voluntary Contribution:  Up to 5.14%

Contributions are directed into an individual account, and you will be able to decide how to allocate the contributions among various investment funds.

How to Enroll

  • Contact the approved provider company of your choice to sign a contract. You can find a list of provider companies here.
  • Complete a SUSORP Enrollment Form (ORP-ENROLL) and select the option for the ORP.
  • Faculty in the College of Medicine must complete the SUSORP Mandatory Participation Form (ORP_MAND).
  • Submit form(s) to the HR Benefits department.
  • The contract with an approved company and enrollment form must be completed within 90 days of your hire date.

Changes to Voluntary Contributions

How to Change ORP Vendors

  • Contact the ORP vendor of choice and complete their retirement account contracts.  Note: You may have more than one ORP vendor.
  • Notify the former ORP vendor of your decision to change.
  • Complete the SUSORP Change Form (ORP-CHANGE), indicating your change in vendor and/or contributions.
  • Return the ORP-CHANGE form to the HR Benefits department for employer verification.
  • The change will take effect the next available pay date.

ORP Loans and Hardship Withdrawals
ORP contributions, including employee contributions, are not payable for employee hardships, unforeseeable emergencies, loans, medical expenses, educational expenses, purchase of a principal residence, payments necessary to prevent eviction or foreclosure on an employee's principal residence, or any other reason except a requested distribution for retirement, a mandatory de minimis distribution authorized by the administrator, or a required minimum distribution provided pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code.

How to Retire

  1. Contact your provider company concerning annuitizing your retirement funds.
  2. Complete the ORP-RETIRE form.
  3. Contact your HR Benefits Representative in your Service Center concerning the continuation of health and life benefits.




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Have a Question? Contact your Service Center.

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