Establishing New Positions

When a new position is established, there are initial steps which do not involve Human Resources. These steps involve budgetary approval and are conducted within processes established by each vice presidential area. When a new position is funded through a grant or contract, Sponsored Research is also involved in the approval process. After budgetary approval is obtained, the steps below are performed by HR.

All new Faculty, Staff and Administration jobs at USF are formally established and classified before they are filled. The official source for position descriptions is GEMS. To establish a position, follow the instructions in the Maintain Positions Guide.

If the request is for a Staff or Administration position, Classification will review the position against the organizational structure, complete a position analysis, and conduct a salary market analysis. Once the appropriate job title and salary range are determined, the position will be established in GEMS. HR establishes new Staff and Administration positions within four (4) business days for grant-funded positions which directly support grants and fifteen (15) business days for positions funded in other ways.

Requests for new faculty positions must be routed through a through a vice president's or regional chancellor's office before being sent to Human Resources, even if pay authority is delegated to the college dean. If the request is for a Faculty job that appears to be more appropriately classified as Administration or Staff, Classification will contact the department to discuss and to request more detail. If the requested job appears to be appropriately designated as Faculty, Classification will create the position within three (3) business days.

If the request is for a rate reserve position (e.g., a position on which to “park” reserve E&G salary), Classification will create the position within two (2) business days and will notify the requesting department of the new position number. The position will be assigned to job code 9999 to signify its purpose as a rate reserve position. Positions assigned to job code 9999 may not be filled.


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