Performance Management Process

The university recognizes the importance of performance management and is committed to providing employees with regular, timely and valuable feedback regarding their performance. It is an expectation that employee performance will align with the university’s strategic plan, vision, mission, values and goals.

The performance management process is a collaborative effort between supervisors and employees, which includes performance planning and goal setting, day-to-day coaching and feedback, periodic performance check-ins and formal performance review.

Performance standards and expectations, based on an up-to-date position description, should be clearly communicated to employees, both when they are appointed to their position and as those standards and expectations change throughout their employment at USF. Employees should receive adequate training necessary to effectively perform the duties and responsibilities of their position.

An Employee Relations Consultant in Human Resources can assist supervisors with the performance management process by providing guidance and recommendations. Performance management must be administered in compliance with provisions of collective bargaining agreements, as applicable.

Refer to FIND IT for USF Regulations or USF System Policies on this topic.

Performance Evaluation Procedures

The links below provide further information on procedures for:

  • Types of evaluations
  • Evaluation ratings
  • Developing performance standards and expectations, and setting goals
  • Completing and submitting an evaluation
  • Conducting an annual performance review
  • If there is no evaluation
  • Substandard evaluations
  • Alternate rater

Refer to Performance Management Training on the HR Organizational Development website for additional information and training on performance planning, including setting standards, expectations and goals, coaching, feedback, monitoring and performance review.

Staff Performance Management Procedure

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Quarterly Performance Check-In

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Administration Performance Evaluation


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