Probationary Employees

First-time appointees to a Staff class with probationary status are required to serve a probationary period in order to attain permanent status in that class. Subsequent probationary periods must be served when employees are appointed with probationary status to different Staff classes in which they do not have permanent status, however they retain permanent statue with the university. Additional information and procedures can be found in the Staff Performance Management Procedure (under Performance Management), and in the Staff Progressive Discipline Procedure (under Employee Discipline).

Purpose of a Probationary Period

The probationary period is a time for evaluating the performance of an employee who has not attained regular status in that class. It is an opportunity for the employee to demonstrate the required knowledge, competencies, and results necessary to be successful in the position. Supervisors are responsible for developing and communicating performance standards and expectations, and working closely with employees during this period to help them succeed in their new roles. Therefore, supervisors should meet frequently with employees to formally discuss performance as it relates to the established performance standards and expectations. For guidance, see Developing SMART Performance Standards & Expectations (under Performance Management).

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Probationary Employees Procedures

Probationary Employee Forms:

Extension of Staff Probationary Period

Notification of Termination During Initial Probationary Period

Staff Performance Evaluation


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