Administration positions are defined as positions assigned administrative and management responsibilities or professional duties. For specific titles and duties associated with the Administration pay plan review the classifications below.

Administration & Staff Job Titles

The university uses appointment modifiers which define the conditions of an employee’s appointment. Such appointment modifiers apply to the appointment of a qualified employee unless otherwise stated and are subject to published guidelines and procedures of the university. See Appointment Modifiers & Descriptions for detailed definitions and information on each of the Administration modifiers.

  • Administration employees do not have a probationary period and are understood to have their employment annually renewed unless otherwise notified by a non-reappointment. Please see Non-Reappointments on the Employee Relations pages for more information.
  • Most Administration appointments are not covered under collective bargaining. A few titles are covered under UFF, please see the Collective Bargaining pages for more information.
  • Administration employees are eligible for state insurances, state retirement and a variety of other benefits. Please see the Benefits pages for more information.
  • Administration employees accrue annual and sick leave, but do not accumulate compensatory leave. Please see the Attendance & Leave pages for more information.
  • Time Limited positions are funded by grant, contract, auxiliary or local funds and have a specific expiration date. These require additional steps to complete a hire. Please see Hiring Administration for more information.
  • Administration employees should have an annual performance appraisal under the university's performance management process. Performance ratings can affect employee eligiblity for certain types of increase programs. Please see Performance Management under the Employee Relations pages for more information.

Important Information about Administration Appointments


Hiring Administration

Employment Changes

Bi-weekly Payroll Calendar

Semester Appointments & Guarantee Dates

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