Appointment Status Form in GEMS

The majority of new appointments and changes to appointments are initiated through the creation of an Appointment Status Form (ASF). ASF’s must include the following:

  • Effective date
  • Appropriate changes listed in the Change To area
  • Current salary information and the reason for the change listed in the Remarks section.

After the ASF is completed and printed, all required signatures per the salary delegation authority must be obtained prior to submitting the ASF to the Employment Center, along with any supporting documentation or offer letter, if required.

Semester Appointment and Guarantee Dates

Guarantee dates are the deadline dates established by Human Resources for Appointment Status Forms (ASF), and other documents related to a payroll period, to be received in the Human Resources department to ensure entry into GEMS in time to show on the department CERTS.   Papers received after guarantee date will be processed as soon as possible, but those received prior to the guarantee deadline will be given priority.   The guarantee date applies to paperwork submitted error free with all required supporting documentation attached.   Any paperwork requiring correction or follow up may be delayed.

Importance of timely appointment extensions

Timely reappointments are important to prevent an employee from experiencing payroll and/or benefit coverage disruption. It is the responsibility of each department to submit any appointment extensions prior to an employee's termination date. A minimum of two weeks prior to the termination date is recommended.

Even when it meets guarantee date, if an extension for a benefits eligible employee is processed after the date of termination they will experience a break in their benefits coverage which requires follow up by many parties to correct. This termination of benefits coverage is an automatic process which runs on the date of an employee's termination, and must be manually corrected when a retroactive extension occurs. Not extending a benefits eligible employee before their termination date requires extra time by those making these corrections, and is unnecessary if appointment extension paperwork is submitted timely. It may also cause unnecessary anxiety for the employee who is concerned when he/she receives COBRA information when they are still actively employed, or are told they have no coverage when they go to use it.

While this provides a brief overview of the appointments process, there are times when you may require more formal training. HR Organizational Development offers training on appointment-related topics. For individual or small group training, contact your Service Center.