Student Employees

Student employees are defined as those Temporary employees registered for classes and whose primary function is obtaining an education with USF. Students are employed by the university in a wide variety of jobs. There are four main types of student employment:

Student Assistants
Student Assistants are employed at the university in many clerical and support functions, which are not necessarily in their field of study.

Federal Work Study
Federal Work Study Students are paid from Federal Financial Aid funds and may only work until those funds are exausted.

Graduate Assistants
Graduate Assistantships are academic appointments that allow students to gain experience in their field of study. They may be employed on an hourly or salaried basis and are covered under the GAU collective bargaining agreement. GAs may also be eligible for tuition waivers.

Resident Assistants
Residence Assistanships are student employees within the area of Housing & Residental Education.

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Important Information About Student Employees