Hiring Faculty

The following faculty employment categories are all appointed on a position and earn state benefits. Please note any special requirements to hire. Offer letters and additional academic policies related to faculty employment may be found at:
Office of the Provost - Faculty Policies
USF Health Office of Faculty Affairs

Important Information about Faculty Appointments

Regular - Faculty
A continuing appointment for which a search was completed. Needs to have a search or waiver of search.

Acting - Faculty
A time limited appointment for an existing employee to a position primarily assigned administrative duties.

Visiting - Faculty
An appointment of a person having professional qualifications, when either the person or the position is not expected to be available for more than a limited period of time. The UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement limits visiting appointments to 4 years. The Diversity and Equal Opportunity Office must approve visiting appointments over one year. Visiting faculty are always Non-Tenure Not on Track.

Provisional - Faculty
An appointment of a person who is not fully qualified, but who is expected to acquire such qualifications in a short period of time. Appointment is made for the time period needed for the incumbent to acquire the needed qualifications and generally is not extended if the incumbent does not become fully qualified by the end of the appointment. If the incumbent does attain the needed qualifications by the end of the provisional appointment, the appointment is changed to Regular, Clinical or Research.

Joint - Faculty
An appointment when the person is regularly participating in the teaching and/or graduate supervision responsibilities of more than one academic department/unit.

Research - Faculty
An appointment when the person is engaged primarily in research. These appointments are not tenure earning. Regular faculty earn state benefits.
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Clinical - Faculty
An appointment in conjunction with a professional position in a hospital or other clinical environment. These appointments are not tenure earning.

Related Temporary Academic Employment
Please see Hiring Temporary for more information.

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Medical Resident
  • Courtesy - Non-Compensated
  • Affiliate - Non-Compensated
  • Joint College - Non-Compensated