Hiring Staff

The following Staff employment categories are all appointed on a position and earn state benefits. Please note any special requirements to hire. More information about Staff employment may be found here.

Regular - Staff
A continuing appointment for which a search was completed. Needs to have a search or waiver of search. Must meet minimum qualifications. The initial probationary period is 6 months. Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) probationary period is 12 months. When employees successfully complete the specified probationary period, they attain permanent status, that is retained throughout continuous employment at USF. When employees move to a new classification they begin a new probationary period on that appointment.

Emergency - Staff
An appointment for up to 3 months while a search is conducted to fill the job on a regular basis. Since it is not expected that the entire job will be performed, the employee need not meet minimum qualifications and may be paid below the minimum pay of the class. Not to exceed 10% below the range. Emergency Appointments are one-time appointments and may not be extended. Time served on an emergency basis does not count towards probationary period or anniversary date.

Short Term - Staff (formerly "Temporary")
Short Term is used when a person is appointed to a position when the regular employee is on a leave of absence, the position can't be filled through the normal advertising process, or the hiring authority is unsure if the position is needed long term. However, the hiring authority must advertise at the end of the appointment period. Appointment must be approved by HR, cannot exceed 12 months and the incumbent must meet minimum qualifications. Time served may count toward probationary period and anniversary date.

Time-Limited - Staff (formerly "Grant Funded")
An appointment on a position which is entirely or partially funded by grant, contract, auxiliary or local funds. The employee must complete the Time Limited Agreement prior to the commencement of the appointment. Must be advertised as time limited. Time served counts towards probationary period and anniversary date.


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