Hiring Temporary

The following temporary employment categories are all appointed without a position and do not earn state benefits. Please note any special requirements to hire.

Non-Academic Temporary

Salaried - Non Academic
A time limited appointment to a job that is exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. A Duties and Responsibilities form must be included at the time of appointment and will be reviewed by HR.
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Hourly - Non Student
A time limited appointment to a job that is non-exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (e.g., can earn overtime pay). Employee does not meet the criteria for an hourly student appointment due to not being enrolled as a student.
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Academic Temporary

Hourly Student
A time limited appointment of a student employee who is enrolled at USF at least half time and whose primary purpose is to be a student. It is advantageous to appoint this way because neither the student nor department will pay FICA taxes (7.62% of wages).
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Federal Work Study (FWS)
An hourly, time limited appointment of a student who has been awarded FWS financial aid.
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Salaried Student
An appointment of a person in a professional capacity within the department of Housing and Residential Education.
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Graduate Assistant
An hourly or salaried (depending upon the type of job, e.g., Graduate Assistant, Graduate Research Associate) appointment of a student who is enrolled full time in a master's or doctoral program at USF. Depending on the job code used, duties will include teaching, conducting research or performing other tasks that contribute to the student's professional development.
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Postdoctoral Fellow
A time limited appointment of an employee holding a doctoral degree. Involves mentored research and/or scholarly training for the purpose of acquiring the professional skills needed to pursue a specific career path.
Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Website

Adjunct Faculty
A time limited appointment to a faculty job code; typically for the purpose of teaching specific courses.
Office of the Provost - Faculty Policies
USF Health Office of Faculty Affairs

Medical Resident
An appointment for up to one year by a physician in a residency program within the College of Medicine.
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Non-Compensated Temporary

Affiliate - Temp Non-Comp
An appointment similar to Courtesy, when a person participates in some functions, but not all, of other academic departments/units.
Affiliate is mostly used by Faculty to enable appropriately qualified physicians engaged in the private practice of medicine in the community (and other similarly qualified health professionals) to participate in and contribute to the College's teaching and/or research programs without remuneration.
USF Health Office of Faculty Affairs

Courtesy - Temp Non-Comp
An unpaid appointment which may include special academic privileges such as voting in departmental affairs. Persons appointed with this status may or may not be otherwise affiliated with the University. This designation should be used for individuals whose credentials would warrant appointment as a member of the faculty and who are or will participate in a meaningful way in one of our programs.
Office of the Provost - Faculty Policies
USF Health Office of Faculty Affairs

Joint College - Temp Non-Comp
An appointment to a college/unit administered jointly by more than one university. Although appointed and employed by only one of the participating universities, each person so designated is considered an employee of the other participating universities for purposes of carrying out the teaching, research and service responsibilities of the college/unit.
USF Health Office of Faculty Affairs


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