Non-students are defined as those Temporary employees not registered for classes and whose primary function is employment with USF.

See Temporary (formerly OPS) Employment Guidelines for information on hiring temporary employees.

See Appointment Modifiers & Descriptions for definitions and information on Temporary employee modifiers.

See Temporary Job Codes & Descriptions for information on the Temporary job codes.

There are four main types of non-student Temporary employees:

Appointed with an hourly wage and eligible for overtime under FLSA Guidelines. Hourly non-student appointments fall into five job code categories:

  • Clerical.
  • Technical/Paraprofessional.
  • Skilled Craft.
  • Service Maintenance.
  • Other Professional (Support/Service).

Appointed on a bi-weekly basis and exempt from overtime under current FLSA guidelines. A Duties and Responsibilities Form must be included with either the Offer Letter or the ASF when appointing a salaried non-student Temporary employee. This will be reviewed by Classification &Compensation to determine if the job meets FLSA exemption requirements for salaried employees. Salaried non-student Temporary appointments fall into two main categories:

  • Executive, Administrative, Managerial. This job is rarely assigned to an employee and must be reviewed by HR Classification & Compensation prior to the creation of an Offer Letter or Appointment Status Form (ASF).
  • Other Professional (Support/Service).

Medical Resident
USF Health medical residents are paid on a progressive salary schedule. They are eligible for a select set of benefits specific to Medical Residents.

Temporary Benefits

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FTE & Standard Hours Conversion Chart

Duties & Responsibilities Form

USF Health - Medical Residents

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