Public Queries

Public queries are pre-written queries which provide basic HR information relating to employees in three areas: leave management, appointments, and payroll. A user with the appropriate GEMS Security Role will have the ability to run public queries at their convenience. Click on Public Queries (under FIND IT) for a list of supported public queries.

Reporting an issue with a query

To report an issue with a public query, email the IT Helpdesk ( with following information;

  • Include “Public Query Issue” on the email subject line.

  • Include the following information within the body of the email:

    • Your name

    • GEMS ID

    • Query name

    • Parameters used in query prompts (if any)

    • Issue description, screen shots of errors (if any) and any other information relevant to the issue

Report Requests

To request the creation of a new report, submit the request via e-mail to and include the business case for the request in addition to an approximate date the report is needed.

Additional information is available on the GEMS website under Reports & Queries.


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Public Queries

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