Employment of Minors

The university complies with the provisions of the Florida Child Labor Law, Chapter 450, Florida Statutes (see FIND IT). Minors seeking employment must have reached their sixteenth birthday prior to being employed by the university. Exception to this provision for 14 and 15 year-olds may be approved by Human Resources. All minors ages 17 or younger employed by the university, who are not exempt by law, are required to have a proof of age document on file in Human Resources during the period of employment.

Minors under the Age of Sixteen

In order to hire a minor under the age of 16, the hiring authority must submit an exception request to Human Resources prior to employing the minor. The request should contain the following information: the minor's age, rate of pay, nature of work to be performed, period of employment and hours of work. Human Resources will review the request and provide the requestor with a notice of approval or disapproval.

Employing Department’s Responsibilities

Prior to making a job offer, the supervisor is responsible for determining that the minor has a proof of age document, that the minor is of age for the occupation for which employed, and that the minor conforms to the hours of employment specified in the Florida Child Labor Law.

Proof of Age Document

A minor 17 years of age or younger is not required to have proof of age and is exempt from any child labor restriction applying to hours of work, if he/she has graduated from high school, is married, was or is in the military service, or has court permission. Minors who do not meet any of these exemptions are required to have proof of age on file during the period of employment at the university. Proof of age may be satisfied by any one of the following documents:

  • a photocopy of a birth certificate
  • a photocopy of a driver's license
  • a photocopy of an age certificate issued by a school system
  • a photocopy of a passport or visa containing the child's age

Human Resources will maintain a copy of the document in the employee’s official personnel file.


Florida Child Labor Law Chapter 450

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