Nepotism occurs when an employee has influence or decision making authority over the employment of a relative.

This is prohibited by USF Regulations 10.107 for Faculty and 0.027 for Administration and Staff. See also Florida Code of Ethics, Chapter 112.3135. Specifically, USF employees are prohibited from making recommendations or decisions affecting the appointment, retention, tenure, work assignments, evaluation, promotion, demotion or salary of a relative. A “relative” is defined as the husband; wife; parent; step-parent; child; step-child; brother; sister; half-brother; half-sister; spouse of child, brother, sister or parent; child, brother or sister of spouse; grandparent; grandchild; aunt; uncle; first cousin; niece; or nephew of the employee. “Relative” or “related” person also includes a person who is engaged to be married to an employee or who otherwise holds himself or herself out as, or is generally known as, the person who the employee intends to marry or with whom the employee intends to form a household; or any other person having the same legal residence as the university employee.

It is the hiring authority's responsibility to ensure that hiring decisions do not result in nepotism violations. If, when applying for a position at USF, the prospective employee states that he/she has a relative working at the university, the hiring authority must:

  1. Research in GEMS to determine if the relative works in the same Vice Presidential area.
  2. If the relative works in the same VP area, request a memo signed by the Vice President/Provost or designee stating that a nepotism violation does not exist.
  3. Upload the memo as an attachment with the hiring proposal documents in the Careers@USF online recruiting system.

When a relative of a USF employee is hired into the same VP area, Human Resources verifies that the hiring proposal documents contain a memo signed by the Vice President/Provost or designee determining that no violation of the nepotism rule exists. If two relatives work in the same Vice Presidential area, the employee may not begin working in his/her new position until a nepotism determination has been made by the Vice President/Provost or designee.


USF Regulation 10.107

USF Regulation 0-027

Florida Code of Ethics Chapter 112.3135

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