RightSearch - Approval Process

NOTE: The approval process at USF Sarasota-Manatee, USF St. Petersburg and USF Lakeland is centralized in their respective HR offices and may require additional or different forms and documentation. Contact the appropriate regional HR office for more information.

1. The Unit Equal Opportunity Liaison (EOL) must review the applicant pool, and certify whether it is acceptable or not acceptable through the Careers@USF recruiting system.

2. The hiring authority must submit the request to hire through Careers@USF. Forms such as the hiring report and employment application no longer need to be attached separately, as they are now automated through Careers@USF. Other supplemental materials, such as employment verifications, references, and transcripts may be uploaded electronically and submitted directly through Careers@USF. HR will provide notification of approval, denial or the need for additional information via Careers@USF.

3. After the hire is approved, DEO will obtain the hiring report and affirmative action information directly from Careers@USF. After review, DEO may recommend corrective actions to hiring departments, as appropriate.