RightSearch - Posting the Position for Internal Recruitment

The internal posting procedure is designed to provide hiring authorities with the ability to focus their recruitment and selection efforts for Administration and Staff positions first within USF to identify high quality employees in search of career development and/or advancement opportunities. Some of the guiding principles are:

  • To always hire the best candidate (internal or external) for the position.
  • To develop and retain a high quality, diverse workforce.
  • To identify reassignment and promotional opportunities at USF.
  • To support employees in exploring and pursuing career mobility options within USF.
  • To encourage and support employees in reaching their full potential by developing their abilities, building skills and mastering the competencies of a 21st century workforce.

Candidates for internal recruitment opportunities:

  • Must meet the posted minimum qualifications for the vacant position.
  • Should have been in his/her current position for a minimum of six (6) months. Any exceptions should be reviewed by Human Resources. Contact your HR Service Consultant in your Service Center for more information.
  • Must not have received any discipline within the past six (6) months (excludes counseling and oral reprimands).
  • May not have a substandard performance evaluation in effect at the time of application except as approved by Human Resources. Contact your HR Service Consultant for more information.

Hiring authorities have the option to do one of the following:

  • Post the Administration or Staff position internally only (open only to current USF employees). Any individual currently appointed as a Temporary employee is considered an external candidate and may not apply for positions posted for internal candidates only; or

  • Post the Administration or Staff position internally and externally simultaneously (thereby creating an applicant pool consisting of both internal and external candidates).

To complete the job posting for internal recruitment, the hiring authority must designate on the Job Posting Details whether the position will be posted internally only or internally and externally simultaneously.

NOTE: If a position is posted internally only and the applicant pool is not sufficient to ensure the best candidate (as determined by the Unit Equal Opportunity Liaison (EOL) or designee), the search must be expanded to external candidates for a minimum of seven (7) days.